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Aug 29, 2010 02:15 PM

I need helpful ideas for a super bowl party in vegas on game day

hi all, we have 15 guys in a ballys suite. each year for super bowl we try to get to a great game party but they never come thru. we thought about getting a suite in maybe Ballys and having food etc brought in. any ideas where we should go that will do take out. sushi , sandwich platers etc. we can go to many different places so I'm not looking for a party shop to buy 15 subs. Kaizens sushi on paradise is my first idea(if they will do take out). thanks in advance

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  1. Whole Foods has a tasty catering menu, with online ordering and day-of pickup. I've used them for parties with good success.

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      great idea I would not have thought of the whole food by green valley the closest to ballys?