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Aug 29, 2010 12:07 PM

Wednesday dinner near Bristol Hotel

I am looking for a place to hubby and I to have dinner on a Wednesday night (September 29) within walking distance of the Bristol Hotel. The previous 3 nights we will be eating at (in order) the hotel, Tan Dinh and Tailevant. We will also be having lunch at Bar de Cuisine (love Poilane), Atelie Joel Robuchon (really enjoyed dinner there a couple of years ago) and Bourgingon du Marais. Looking for something small and simple. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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  1. "something small and simple." In the 8th. Oh boy.
    Maybe Senderen's upstairs Le Passage, I've done well there.
    The new location of Vin Chai Moi is not far but I've not been (it's a long story) and wound up at the Polish Crypte which was kind of kicky.
    Lavinia's upstairs counter, also not been.

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    1. re: John Talbott

      The 'hood of the Bristol sucks big esp when it comes to "something small and simple", except for L'Ardoise which is a short walk away…

    2. I assume you mean the Bar de Cuisine at Le Bristol. At which restaurant at Le Bristol are you having dinner?

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        No, I was talking about the little restaurant next to Poilane where they have fantastic open-faced sandwiches on Poilane bread and salads. We will be having dinner in the newer more "casual" restaurant. It is a business dinner for our in-laws, so our of our control.

        1. re: ekc

          Thanks for the clarification. The Bar at Le Bristol serves food and the clientele is quite distinguished with the Elysee Palace so close. I will be in Paris at the same time. I like the formal restaurant a great deal but I'm interested in the new casual one so I hope you will see fit to report quickly.

          1. re: amrx

            I will definitely report on my trip when we return, but it will not be until October 10.

      2. Ohhhh, it just came to me - small and simple -
        Le P’tit Caillou
        2 rue Maleville in the 8th (Metro: Miromesnil)
        Closed weekends and Monday nights
        Lunch formulas at 22 and 25, a la carte 41-51 €.
        Some pix at John Talbott's Paris.

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        1. re: John Talbott

          JT, thanks so much for the suggestion - I will look into it! Our other idea was doing a wine bar "crawl" if there are any in the 'hood.

        2. Small and simple within walking distance of the Bristol...hmmm, perhaps l'Arome on St. Philippe de Roule, Cave Beauvau on Rue des Saussaies, l'Abordage on pl. Henri Bergson, Dominique Bouchet which is small but not too simple and probably the best food of the group, and is just steps away from the simpler P'tit Caillou mentioned by our resident Dr.Talbott , who you will discover is a vade mecum of reasonably priced restaurants.

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          1. re: Laidback

            Thank you Dr. L; I just looked at my notes on Beauvau and it's not open Weds night; certainly Dominiue Bouchet is the best food among all the places listed above but, much as I love DB, it's not "small and simple." l'Arome may come closer. If memory serves me it's only got about 24-28 covers. Good idea!

            1. re: John Talbott

              I put Makoto Aoki on my ToDo list after reading Lobrano's review. Mainly for the bargain lunch menu. It is quite near the Bristol. Any views?

              1. re: John Talbott

                JT, going over reviews this weekend (and likely yours as well) I came across La Cave Beauvau. Wine bar with a full menu might fit the bill. Thoughts?

                1. re: ekc

                  I liked it but it's not open Weds night.
                  It's not fantastic but solid food and fine wine at least it wasn't when I and others reported on it. Alexander Lobrano wrote a nice review on it too.

                2. re: John Talbott

                  L'arome is good. Sometimes excellent. I wouldn't call it simple, but everything is relative and surely nothing is simple in the 8th, the high place of sophistication.

              2. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions! Now I just need to see who has room for us!

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                1. re: ekc

                  Souphie, you were right - L'Arome was definitely not "simple" (I "gulped" when I saw the doorman at the restaurant) but we had an outstanding dinner! Thanks again to everyone for their assistance! Amrx, unfortunately we did not eat in the new casual place at the Bristol (due to circumstances out of our control) but we had an amazing dinner at the formal restaurant there our first night.