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Aug 29, 2010 11:55 AM

Recommendations for Sushi Dinner in Osaka

Has anyone been to Koyoshi this year, and how is it doing?

Can anyone recommend other sushi places for dinner in Osaka?

Thank you!

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  1. Went to Koyoshi a few nights ago. Amazing sushi. The pieces are enormous, reasonably priced, and it is a very friendly environment. We went on a Monday night and there are a 5-10 minute wait. The owner commented when we told him we were from New York, "some New Yorker was here is a film crew a few years back!" You will love it.

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      I love Koyoshi, too, but if you're looking for a fine dining experience, or a relaxing dining experience, it's not the best choice. It's really a dive in an old building with all the accompaniments an old building in Japan would have (read between the lines). And since the seating is so limited, you can't really linger and chat, but you pretty much order, eat, leave unless you're lucky enough go when there's no one else waiting.

      The owners are lovely, though, and the sushi really is very good.

    2. Hi guys, any idea how much is an average dinner in Koyoshi?

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        I don't think there is an average check. There's no omakase or set. He just tells you to order the fish you like. When I went, my friend and I had 5 each (I think) and paid maybe Y2500 each? But we had mostly expensive items like ikura, hotate, and uni.

        If you go, get the anago. It's excellent.