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Aug 29, 2010 11:20 AM

750 ml bottles & growlers

Ok, please don't laugh at me to much. I am fairly new to "good" beer, as opposed to the mass produced stuff....been working my way through all the local brew here in Maryland and trying different things on tap when out. At my favorite local beer store, they have quite a few different beers in the 750 ml bottles, and have started to fill question is, and please forgive my if its a really dumb one, but if I just want to pour a pint out of one of do you preserve the integrity of the beer once opened? Or is it something once opened, you're all in?

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  1. Well a growler can be resealed but the beer will start to go flat and stale after it has been opened. The best bet would be to drink it within 1-3 days depending on the style. Higher abv beers will have a slightly longer shelf life.

    As to the 750 ml you can use a wine stopper for those but like a growler you should drink it within a couple of days.

    1. A growler is a good excuse to have friends over.

      1. So, you're saying you open a growler and don't drink the whole thing?

        I've placed foil over the top and screwed the cap back over it, it's creates a slightly tighter seal but I agree with the other entries that you should drink it within a few days. I've used wine stoppers in the 750 ml bottles.
        You're best bet would be to not try to have beers open that have "foamy" as one of their main characteristics (pilsners, hefeweizens, summer and spring beers). I can live with a flat imperial stout but not a flat belgian white.

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          I always buy a growler with the intent of drinking it down to the sudsy bottom. You should too.

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            It sounds like so far you have been using the twist top growlers, but you could shop around for a version with a ceramic top and rubber seal, like this:

            I like this kind better, although I would agree with whoever estimated the 1-3 day shelf life once you pour your first pint. Also, depending on your state's laws and the personal preferences of your local brewey, you might not be able to fill a growler you didn't buy at that establishment, so just check with them first before buying a new growler that you won't be able to fill anywhere.

          2. Find a large wine bottle. Buy a vacuum poem for wine bottles. Pour the beer into the (clean) wine bottle. Apply the vacuum pump, which will remove a lot of the oxygen. Works with wine; should work with beer. It should extend the life of what remains of a growler's content for a few more days.

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              Using the vacuum pump on bottles will strip a lot of carbonation out of the beer right away. I don't think this is a good solution at all.