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Aug 29, 2010 10:12 AM


Has it already been mentioned that Panchos Tacos just installed a new improved air conditioning system in their dining room? Also...I noticed there is a "Terra Brasilis" in Danbury. Is it new? If their food and value is anything like the one in Bridgeport, then it will be a great place to eat. We are headed out to lunch today (Sunday) and we are going to either Taj Palace, Mysore or Pho Vietnam.

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  1. We were heading back from vacation on Sat. and found ourselves in Danbury at dinnertime. So of course we went to Pho Vietnam.

    They completely remodeled. No longer a hole in the wall, it looks more like a proper restaurant. Looks like there is more seating too and it is a much louder/noisier environment.

    While offerings are the same, the menus were reprinted and look more professional. Prices may have inched up a bit, I think, but still very reasonable.

    As usual the food was great.