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Aug 29, 2010 07:49 AM

Lunch or dinner or snack before Lemon Ice King in Corona

It's been at least a decade since I made a visit to the Lemon Ice King. Does anyone know what else is there if I wanted to grab a bit before my ice. Doesn't have to be a sit-down meal -- even a good slice of pizza. But I'll take sit-down suggestions, too.

Also, what's parking like around there? Much availability on the street? Any lots?

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  1. two really good choices would be Empanadas Cafe--it's tiny, there are 2 tables (one that sits about 6 and the other 3) but people don't sit for long--always long line for takeout--emanadas are fresh and made to order and inexpensive--here's their website--

    and also, Tortilla Nixtamal--good gaucomole, tacos, and tamales--nice folks that run the place--it's kind of like a truck stop feel with a few picnic tables inside--and freshly made tortillas with an authentic machine--and with fresh masa

    and actually, alot better than Lemon Ice King--(sometimes their ices taste stale)--is Timmy's Frozen Custard just up the block from Tortilla Nixt and a few blocks from Mama's--fantastic frozen custard that's way better than Danny's Meyer's shake shack and 1/2 the price--cute little spot--great folks...

    and there's also Mama's--Leo's Latticini for fresh mozzarel sandwich--and other treats, and their bakery a couple doors down..also on 104th st--but check their hours--they are closed on sundays and not open late

    There's also Corona Pizza which just recently reopened after yet another fire--was there last week, and their pizza is still good---but, I would hit the other places if you've never been--unless they simply just don't appeal to you..

    Enjoy..Corona is fun...parking isn't hard to find on 104th st and for the empanada place sometimes you can find it right on the little triangle area in front of place--or if necessary a couple blocks away.....

    although with the US open going on now, parking can be tricky with people walking perhaps and parking in these areas.....I know the science museum closes their lot for the us open time period because i go there all the time and then we head to eat in signs carefully wherever you park

    Leo's Latticini
    46-02 104th St, Queens, NY 11368

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      And would you believe I suddenly got the jones for the Lemon Ice King right around U.S. Open time -- and I don't care at all about tennis? Probably I just saw Corona/Flushing in the news because of the open and the thought clicked...

      1. re: chazpbg

        Janie's got it right. Any of her suggestions will leave you happy.

        I would also add a Hamburger from Franco's butcher shop. It is right down the street from Mama's and also around the corner from Nixmatel. They grind the meat daily and you can really taste the freshness. And for $3.50 it is a great deal. The owners are hilarious ball-busters and I love the appeal of eating a burger in a butcher shop. I don't know how late they are open, but at lunch they also have specials in the steam table. ButI think the burgers are the way to go. They'll make it any way you like, but you have to tell them.

        What a great couple of eating blocks.

      2. re: janie

        Janie, nice roundup of the best places in the area.

      3. I second Tortilleria Nixtamal. Great tamales and tacos (especially the fish tacos). Whenever I have gone I found parking relatively easily, however with the Open going on you may have some trouble (as the PP mentioned).


        Tortilleria Nixtamal
        104-05 47th Ave, Queens, NY 11368

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          there's a really good looking steam table a few blocks south of nixtamal. I would love to try that place out soon.

        2. If you want to go old school, eat at Parkside then walk over to the Lemon Ice King. Depending on when you go, it may be hard to get a table, but it is reliable Italian and a Corona institution.

          For lighter fare, Tortilleria Nixtamal has wonderful soft tacos and tamales. Service is extremely slow and restaurant is very small.

          Parking is not difficult, you might need to loop around the block or park 3-5 blocks away from your restaurant.

          Tortilleria Nixtamal
          104-05 47th Ave, Queens, NY 11368

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          1. re: Pookipichu

            We went to Nixtamal with some friends a couple of nights ago (8/27) and were disappointed. Four of us ordered a lot and most of the food seemed to lack any real "life" or depth. Nothing bad but not a place I'd recommend... even the tortillas seemed tired. Of course, it's hard to complain about a perfectly decent meal that cost us each $16 including soft drinks but I guess I will anyway.

            By the way, I second Park Side as I really think that, with careful ordering and avoiding the upsell, the place is a very nice example of a fading old line red sauce culture with good food.

            Park Side
            107-01 Corona Ave, Queens, NY 11368

            1. re: Steve R

              We always seem to go to Nixtamal at an off hour, so that might help, perhaps...but, I have heard mixed comments--guess it's hit or miss--I forgot to mention Parkside, it can be okay, they do have very good eggplant parm, and good linguine with clam sauce--but, I've just had so much better elsewhere and less expensive--so, I tend to overlook it--good to know about the butcher and the hamburger--

              1. re: Steve R

                Stick to the pozole at Nixmatel and you'll be happy. The mole enchiladas are darn good too. I find the tacos not filling enough for the cost.

                The place kinda has a half finished vibe going on. Well they've only been there two years.:)

                1. re: SpiceJunkies

                  I wish this was what we experienced but the pozole had good broth with very undercooked pozole. If this was pasta, I would say that, although I like al dente, this was less cooked. The mole was better but somewhat dry. Only the enchilada verde was better than mediocre, although I could have eaten more fish tacos without whining... good enough.

                  1. re: Steve R

                    I think their special tacos are better than their enchilada mole. Their mole is very bland compared to Taqueria Coatzingo and Chiles and Chocolate.

                    Taqueria Coatzingo
                    76-05 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11372