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Aug 29, 2010 04:27 AM

Beach Bistro - What to Order

My husband and I will be celebrating our fortieth wedding anniversity next week-end at the Beach Bistro. Has anyone been there lately? Any recommended dishes or those to be avoided? Any other advise? Thanks.

Beach Bistro
6600 Gulf Dr, Holmes Beach, FL 34217

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  1. Wow, you can't really go wrong with anything there. I am a big fan of their risotto with fois gras... super rich, you can easily split it. Their tomato-vodka soup is also delicious. Enjoy and happy anniversary!

    1. Get the food heaven and split it. That's 40th anniversary-worthy, trust me.

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        Its hard to know what you really like and you might not like what I like, but everything there is excellent. Its very expensive, so order what you like.
        Save room for desert. Its a fabulous restaurant.

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            Thanks, Hounds.

            We like everything. That's why it is so difficult to choose. The food heaven looks very interesting. Thanks for the rec. At first glance it looks like too much of a good thing, but if a fellow hound recommends it, it is certainly worth consideration. I was leaning towards the butter poached lobster myself, but anticipation is part of the pleasure, so I keep looking at the menu items and imagining my pleasure eating one things then the other.

            Is it better to eat outside? What if it's too hot or a storm comes up? What is the usual dress there?

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              I usually go beachy business casual (khakis/polo). The food heaven is (typically) too much for one person, but split that and split the tastiest sounding app and a desert and you've got a heck of a meal in front of you.

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                The food heaven comes in two sizes and you can choose.

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                  Okay, here is my review:

                  The restaurant is small and tables are quite close together. When the waiter directed us to our table, I almost thought he was asking me to sit in the next diner's lap. We were able to converse with the diners to our right and left (and did). Not a place for private conversations. We were seated by the window overlooking the beach. It was fine if you were facing the beach but if you weren't or had an inside table, not much of a view.

                  We were offered a glass of good champagne upon sitting - a nice gesture for our anniversary. The waiter brought some warm bread and some very good tapenade. Then a tasting spoon of smoked salmon with caviar and creme fraiche. This was wonderful! My husband ordered the veal shop special, which he said was very good. I ordered the food heaven: The foie gras was superb! the lobster was very good, the two lamb chops were okay. The bread pudding with this dish wasn't that good and seemed superfluous, since there was a side of mashed potatoes, asparagus and au jus sauce. In all, I enjoyed the separate parts of the dish but thought the dish as a whole lacked cohesiveness.

                  For dessert I had a great peach melba and my husband some kind of praline dish. The diners next to us said they came here more for the desserts and I can see why.

                  All in all, a very good restaurant. When I return I will order the smoked salmon and floie gras. Thanks to all you hounds for your input.

                  Beach Bistro
                  6600 Gulf Dr, Holmes Beach, FL 34217

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                    I'm sorry the Food Heaven wasn't everything I built it up to be, I was hoping you'd adore it!

                    1. re: askdrtodd

                      drtodd, I did enjoy it and I was glad I had ordered it. So I thank you for your suggestion.

        1. Steamed clams, pork chop and beet salad all excellent. Wonderful, friendly service. Happy anniversary. We may come back for ours.