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Aug 28, 2010 10:45 PM


Had a great dinner at Crudo tonight for 5 people.

The amuse was a fried/sunny side up quail egg on crustini with tomato's and a soyish vinagarette, which was very delicious and had a breakfast/brunch note to it

then we had the butterfish and another got the fresh japanese market catch of the day, they fly a new fish in each day for the crudo serving, the butterish was excellent with a lemony light sauce on it

on the 2nd course everyone at the table had the lamb/sausage gnocci, which was all around delicious, the broth was hearty and flavorful

for the 3rd round i had the veal and the mrs had teh mushrooms au gratin, which also had a quail egg on the top, the veal had a polenta with it

the mushroom dish could have been the best of the bunch (it tied with the butterfish for me) and was fingerling potatos with mushrooms and truffle and some great cheese...had to go wrong with those ingredients...the veal was good, however the polenta was a bit grainy i think mashed might have been a better choice, but that is if im being overly picky becuase it was really very good

the dessert we had a chocolate chip cookie dessert which came in a mini banana bread mould with bacon ice cream -- everyone stopped talking and kept eating until it was gone...amazing would be an understatement

service was great and it was a very interesting atmosphere

overall i would highly recommend it for a fun evening, it is a bit of an unusual location being inside of a salon/botique - however i think it kind of adds to its charm and makes it a unqiue location - everyone agreed we would certainly come back without question - check it out and report back :)

7045 E 3rd Ave, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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  1. We had a wonderful dinner there two weeks ago with Chowhound Dmnkly. I had visited Crudo once before, when it first started serving dinner, so a second visit was long overdue. We went on a Tuesday night - after 10 pm is "Industry Night" with everything half price. Why it's not packed on Industry Night, I don't know, but we did enjoy sitting at the bar on a quiet night and being able to chat with the chefs. We shared a bunch of different dishes. I especially loved the weekly "Japanese Auction" special , which was octopus - the octopus crudo and gnocchi were absolutely delicious.

    We had:
    Shishito peppers with Tracy Dempsey's coffee caramel
    Smoked olives
    Butterfish crudo with crispy lardo and oven-roasted tomatoes
    Octopus crudo with cucumber and radish
    Hiramasa crudo with I'itois onions, espelette pepper,and bottarga
    Albacore crudo with truffle, apple and black garlic
    Maya’s Farm Table Crudo: Goat cheese-stuffed fried squash blossoms with Maya's Farm greens, roasted squash, and pepitas
    Octopus gnocchi with bottarga and chili
    Short rib involtini
    Mushrooms au gratin with mozzarella & grana padano topped with a fried egg
    Fingerling potatoes with lardo and Minus 8 Vinaigrette

    What an outstanding feast. We shared a bottle of wine and I finished with a glass of grappa. We were also joined by Chef Hebert from Posh, which was a nice treat. I really need to get to Crudo more often.

    Hiramasa, squash blossoms, albacore, and butterfish:

    7045 E 3rd Ave, Scottsdale, AZ 85251