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Aug 28, 2010 09:59 PM

Chicken and Waffles

There is a chicken and waffels place, that is apparently just a shack. Nearby is a place where you can buy biscuits, and most people buy the chicken and get the biscuits from somewhere else.

I have been told that this place is located in a neighborhood that is predominantly African American (oak cliff / south dallas) in the DFW area. Has anyone heard of such a place?

I would be grateful if someone could point me to the right direction - I am going to be in Dallas, and I am looking for fantastic Chicken and Waffels.


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  1. I think the whole chicken waffle thing is a bit silly, but have done righteous studies on them. I have been to maybe a dozen places and most are wretched. The upscale versions are so much better, believe me.

    Try AM/PM or Victor Tango (see pic).

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    1. re: DallasDude

      I agree with the upscale versions being better. The last place I got decent chicken and waffles that didn't have a chef's touch were out near Parkland Hospital, but that joint has been closed for years.

      The place I go now is Button's in Fort Worth. Chef Kieth makes an amazing plate of chicken and waffles. You can get them anytime, but I think they are cheaper during brunch.

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          I saw that. May have to make a trip out that way.

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        Never found a decent chicken and waffles place in Dallas. Roscoe's in L.A. is still the standard by which all others are measured by. But if anybody find a good one, please post.

          1. re: Mike C. Miller

            Roscoe's is da bomb! Sorry big D but nothing here compares.

        1. Big Mamma's is the place I most often hear of - Forrest Lane in Lake Highlands.

          There is also AJ's in (ESE) Ft. Worth. I went once - unexplainably, they were closed....

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          1. re: CocoaNut

            Big Mama's was odd and not very good at all. They thought it was odd I was asking questions and chased me away. They said something to the affect that their customers might think I was a cop and drive away.

            Regardless, end of the day it just wasn't good.

            1. re: DallasDude

              I agree that the waffles at Big Mama's aren't good but I love the chicken there.

            2. re: CocoaNut

              I have never had an issue at Big Mamma's. But I must say that since they "fixed" the place up the food is not as good. They also seem to be much less friendly. It appears they must have sold out... The food is still good, but just a little off.

              1. re: irodguy

                I think their chicken is better than their waffles.

            3. They might be talking about JoJo's on West Illinois in Oak Cliff. I haven't been though so I can't give an opinion on the food.

              If you are open to going to another place, I'd recommend Hattie's, also in Oak Cliff. They have chicken and waffles at brunch and they are quite tasty.

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              1. re: lckeating

                Anything at Hatties is generally blissful.

              2. I noticed Chicken and Waffles on the menu at Victor Tango's last evening. We went in a lighter direction, but everything we tried was very well done. We started with the Burrata, which was served with toasted baguette, with grilled peaches and garnished with red onion. Our 2nd dish was a flatbread with housemade lamb sausage with just a bit of kick. The flatbread was truly a cracker crust and perfectly crisp. The melted manchego blended perfectly and then it was sprinkled with arugula. Very nice! We will be back and will try the Chicken and Waffles.

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                1. re: vstock

                  Go for the lamb lollipops, too. Amazing stuff.

                2. Lemon Bar is West Village has chicken and waffles on the brunch menu. Big Mommas is the shack in African American area you asked about. You can only order drive thru, its not a sit down place.