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Aug 28, 2010 06:03 PM

The Best Thing I Ever Ate-Porkchop

Not sure if the show I watched was a rerun or not. I think it was Ted Allen who went someplace and ate the biggest porkchop I have ever seen. Was it in Brooklyn, NY? Does anyone know? My SO is in NY soon and would love to go there just for that particular porkchop.

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  1. Maybe this will help; I'm pretty sure they intend to direct people to these businesses.

    1. How about Unique Eats, Gastropub's, Publican in Chicago...

      1. I wonder if the restaurant compensates the guest or FN - or if this is just a reward for a job well done. In some cases, this kind of publicity has unintended consequences.... the owner sees this renewed popularity as a chance to cash-out. The new owner can't maintain quality when he is still learning the business and the restaurant is always full, and is then unable to sustain quality after the popularity has died down.

          1. I was just remembering an episode of the Best Thing I Ever Ate where they went to a restaurant in Brooklyn for a great pork chop... I found it and hope it's the same one you were looking for.


            Restaurant: The Vinegar Hill House
            Dish: Red Wattle Country Chop

            Hope this helps!

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              Wow1 That original post was two years ago. If the author is still looking, that msut have been one epic pork chop!


              It DOES look good!