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Aug 28, 2010 05:50 PM

Wheatleigh or Old inn on the Green for romantic anniversary dinner?

My husband and I have been coming to the Berkshires for our anniversary weekend the last few years. On Saturday night we go all out and have a special, romantic dinner. We are not food snobs, but definitely foodies and enjoy a great meal with good wines and service.

The last 2 years have been the Wheatleigh, which we loved. I was about to make a reservation and saw so many recommendations on here for Old Inn on the Green.

Which would be your recommendation?

11 Hawthorne Road, Lenox, MA

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  1. I would go to OIOTG. The ambiance, in my opinion, is much more romantic than Wheatleigh's european stuffiness, they have a wonderful wine list and the Inn just has that old New England charm.

    11 Hawthorne Road, Lenox, MA

    1. Old Inn, is wonderful. The portions are NOT precious. James Stahl, wine czar, works his magic for everybody. The owner/chef Peter is really great; the food is terrific and innovative, never misses the mark.

      1. Having been to both, I highly recommend the Old Inn for the quality of the food, coupled with the service. Enjoy.

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          Thank you everyone - I'm convinced! Just made my reservation at Old Inn. Good thing because 7:00 was already booked for 10/2! But got 8:00 so that's fine. Can't wait! Any other not-to-be-missed places we should check out in the area? I heard Rouge is great?

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            If you like old and charming you will love the Old Inn on the Green, and I would also suggest the Stagecoach Tavern in Sheffield. Fabulous ambiance, food, service, the works in an 18th Century stagecoach stop. The Sunday supper is an incredible bargain. Perfect for an anniversary weekend!

            1. re: tmchome

              I wouoldn't miss Rouge in West Stockbridge or Chez Nous in Lee if I were you.
              Both places have excellent food and outstanding service.
              Another great spot is John Andrews Restauant as well.
              So many good choices and ,alas,so little time to try them all!(LOL).
              Have fun!

              John Andrew's Restaurant
              RR 23, North Egremont, MA 01252

              Chez Nous
              150 Main St, Lee, MA 01238

          2. Based partially on thr discussion of this thread, I ate at OIOTG this past Saturday. The food was very good but the ambience was not much better than sitting in a bus station. Sure there is candlelight but there is also a din from too many tables and large groups pressed into too small a rooms with low ceilings. In addition because of the warren nature of the arrangement of the rooms there is constant commotion by either wait staff or incoming or outgoing patrons. Not at all romantic. Wheatleigh, where we also ate, was much more tranquil and romantic. Caveat emptor, however, Wheatleigh is significantly more expensive than OIOTG ---close to twice the cost.

            11 Hawthorne Road, Lenox, MA

            The Old Inn On The Green
            134 Hartsville New Marlboro Rd., New Marlboro, MA 01230