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Aug 28, 2010 05:44 PM

Lobster Roll Chez Moi - Killer Home Cooked Meal Only in Boston [moved from Boston]

Leftover lobster.

Iggy's sour dough.

Lobster salad with celery seed, tarragon, black pepper, lemon and lime juice, mayo, celery, a smidge of finely diced sweet onion.

Toast the Iggy's in LIBERALLY BUTTERED buttered cast iron pan.

Serve as open sandwich: bed of Hmong lettuce (2 kinds) on buttery/crunchy bread. Liberal serving of lobster.

Side salad of local cukes and tomatoes with a dijon, evoo, sherry vinegar dressing.

Wash down with a glass of dry Albar Spanish wine.

Honestly, by far best lobster roll I've ever eaten.

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  1. Just made a reservation on Open Table.

    1. and you probably spent considerably less than the 50usd it would have cost in town. this was a revelation that i had 20+ years ago and have never been able to shake, that, at a certain price point i cant help but sit there and think " i can do as good, if not better, for less". asian food still escapes me, just cant get those btu's out of my stove. i could go on but i imagine this post is not long for this board.

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        This thread is a Boston thread. Talking about specific ingredients: Iggy's bread, Market Basket Lobsters, Hmong farmer lettuce available at most of the Boston area farmer's markets. Perfectly appropriate to discuss on this board.

        Also the Spanish wine I washed it down with was very unusual. Picked it up at the Spirited Gourmet on Common in Belmont. Funny thing is can't find it on teh internets anywhere.

        Albar Branco Palomino. So Palomino is a grape that is usually used to make Sherry. In fact I never heard of it used in anything but sherry. Only this is a dry white non-fortified (unlike sherry) wine, that tastes quite a bit like a Manzanilla sherry. VERY odd, unusual, and delicious.

        Spirited Gourmet
        448 Common St, Belmont, MA 02478

      2. im confused by this.. wtf is "leftover lobster" ??? Where do you find that rare ingredient?

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          It IS a very rare and exotic ingredient, only possible in Boston in the summer when lobster is $3.99 a pound.