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Aug 28, 2010 05:33 PM

Where can I buy chorizo in / near King of Prussia?

Hi. I'm looking for Mexican chorizo in or near King of Prussia. Where is the best place to find this?

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  1. I dont eat this so I cant tell you a specific place, but i would try looking West Marshall Street in Norristown. Go up 202 to Norristown, pass the MC D's In Norristown and make a LEFT onto W Marshal (the next traffic light after McD's.) I am sure there will be a choce of places to find what you need there. HUGE Mexican community and the shopping district is heavily Mexican.

    W Marshal is about 10 minutes from KoP Mall.

    1. Great answer from Prettypoodle - in less than 3 hours after posting the question. I would add: when you're going up 202 in Norristown, at the McD's traffic light, don;t make a left; keep going straight for 100 yards and drive into parkng lot of the Mexian grocery store on the left side of the street. If you get to the train station, you've gone too far. If you can;t find what you want there, return to W. Marshal, make a right, and pke around the Mexican community. While you're there, stock up on the wonderful fresh tortillas from the tortilla bakery - delicious when heated, and they last forever in the refrigerator.

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