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Aug 28, 2010 05:24 PM

Sabrina's Pizza in East Windsor, NJ

Has anyone tried this yet? It's located next to Super Fresh. I have seen 2 pizzerias come and go in that spot. Any feedback is appreciated.

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  1. I haven't tried Sabrina's but the best pizza I've found in the area is next to Amarone's in Windsor. Outstanding. If anyone goes there tell them a guy on a bicycle recommended it, he'll know.

    Amarone Restaurant
    63 Cedar Ln, Teaneck, NJ 07666

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      There's a decent pizza place in the shopping center next to the McDonald's just down Rte 130 - that is if you don't feel like going for the best - Delorenzo's in Robbinsville .

    2. I recently went into Sabrina's and let's just say their food matches their service level. (That wasn't a compliment.) I ordered a large pie and pasta with a clam sauce. The dough on the pizza was tough and seemed over worked. And while they give you about a pound of pasta for your dish, it was dry and there were hardly any clams or even clam sauce!

      EVERYTHING seems to be an additional charge!!! I had asked for a little bit of grated cheese, hot pepper flakes and garlic and was told it was $0.50 each for the cheese and pepper and $2.00 for the garlic becuase they considered it a topping for the pizza. What a joke!!!! I have ordered just a chicken parm sandwich in other locations and received all those things for free. Here I am spending over $23 (because they charge you and extra $2 to add a side salad to your pasta dishes) and you want to charge me extra for everything?

      As if all that wasn't bad enough...the grumpy guy working in the back had the nerve to tell the cashier to "give her back her money and tell her to see what she gets elsewhere". So since I already do know what I would get elsewhere, I will continue to go elsewhere and will make sure all my friends and family do the same!

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        wow. I received the menu in the mail and in the Super fresh shipping center. the menu looked comprehensive and good but based on these reviews I will not be giving it a try. Thanks for the heads up and saving me $$$

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          My wife, son and I figured we would try the pizza here in spite of the previous bad review. We ordered 2 pies to be picked up so that I could get a feel for the place, as opposed to having it delivered. We ordered penne vodka and buffalo pizza pies.

          First, my impression of the place. Outside of the people, the place has not changed much at all since the last time I was there - about 5-7 years ago. They have this circular pizza oven with 2 up/down glass doors 90 degrees from each other. It seemed to me that the doors were opening and closing quite a bit, which I would think would have a pretty big effect on heat balance and, therefore, the quality of the pies.

          Personnel-wise, I think I can pick out the guy that 'vmva20' talked about in his/her review. He has a pretty crummy personality, and seems to just drift around and make comments, so I am guessing owner/manager. Not a fan of him and that alone will keep me from coming back. It's a new business in a bad economy. You have to treat each client politely and with a smile (even in a good economy!). The other folks seemed to be okay, as far as I could tell. The counter girl was very nice.

          Now for the pizza. The buffalo chicken pizza was not buffalo chicken at all. It was some kind of BBQ with hot sauce on it and no bleu cheese and no side of celery. Celery sides are very typical. for buffalo chicken. I didn't realize the order was wrong until I got home and didn't feel like calling and complaining, so we gave it a shot. We all agreed that it was just okay. The penne vodka was about the same - we've had worse and better. It could have used some more sauce and there was no prociutto in sight. I usually order a side of sauce, but had no interest in paying another x coins for it (LOL!).

          The crust - I am not a big crust person in general, but this wasn't good at all. Very pale in color and it was really hollow and reminded us all of paper. Not sure if that is a very clear description or not, but I can say that no one finished their crusts and my wife tends to eat the crusts that I leave behind. It reminded me of home made pizza crust, no offense to my wife.

          We get this 'Clipper' magazine in the mail every week or so, and this is what got us to try the place. The ad made a comment about the Capuano family, and we have a Capuano pizza/restaurant in the area. As such, I figured the food here would be different but similar. I am a fan of Capuano's in East and West Windsor. I am not a fan of this place, though, and will not come back. Our town has 10 to 12, or more, pizza places even though we're still a fairly small town. You have to be good to compete successfully and this place is not good.

          Alternate suggestions - Capuano's, Mannino's, Scotto's, Famiglia's, Brothers. There is another new pizza place opening in the CVS/Burlington Coat Factory mall. Maybe that will be good. If not, I'll go back to one of the others I listed. Actually, I will try to go to them all from time to time. Hope this helps...

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          1. I haven't tried that place yet, but my wife and I are big fans of Villa Roma, in that weird shopping center across from Wal-Mart. As a sit-down restaurant it's pretty "meh" - do NOT go there on a sunny day because they have crappy blinds and it gets intolerable in there. But for delivery they're pretty fantastic. I recommend the fresh garlic pie.

            There's a fairly new place that opened next to ShopRite that I would advise people to stay far away from - Singa's. Their pizza is atrocious. It tasted like bad Little Caesar's, if anyone remembers that chain.

            Little Caesars
            215 N Hermitage Ave, Trenton, NJ 08618

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              wereboar - you'll be sad to hear that Singa's closed down recently.

              1. re: jethro

                Something new moved in to the Singa's space - anyone know anything about it?

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                  There's another thread about it.
                  Azzaro Brothers.

                  I didn't care for it. Mediocre.

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