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Aug 28, 2010 02:51 PM

4-course at Bacchanalia or 7-course tasting at Eugene?

Greeting from the Manhattan board!

my buddy and i are going to ATL for Labor day weekend for some vacation time, and obviously trying to eat the best ATL has to offer. Already have both reservation for that saturday night for Bacchanalia and Restaurant Eugene. Now we need to make a decision and cancel one of them!

If we go to Eugene, will definitely go for the 7-course tasting. Bacchanalia has only the 4-course option so we will have to go with that as Quinones room is booked out that night :(

Both of us have had a lot of modern french/american fine dining experience in new york, so we are looking for something more local/southern, something we can't find here in nyc. So which one should we go for? don't care about wine list or decor/service as much. we are all about the substance (food)

Since its labor day weekend, would you feel either of these two places may not be up to the normal standard? if so, we'd like to know and avoid that.

note: going to Southern City kitchen for sunday dinner, and probably Daddy Z for saturday lunch. Any recommendation for Sunday lunch? prefer something that is not upscale, more on a local diner/daddy Z level (less than 25bucks per person)

Any other recommendation would be appreciated too, will have a car, willing to drive up to 1hr each way for good food.

Restaurant Eugene
2277 Peachtree Road, NE, Atlanta, GA 30309

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  1. I think most will say Bacchanalia is the best we have to offer, so just go there.
    I would suggest JCT Kitchen over South City Kitchen for your Sunday dinner.

    1. I, too, would easily choose Bacchanalia over Eugene.

      1. A couple ideas for Sunday lunch. Atlanta's gotten into gourmet bruger places - most of them pretty good - you could check menus online for Flip Burger Boutique, Yeah Burger, or Farm Burger. Or head to Decautur square (take Marta to the Decatur station) and there will be a number of places within a quarter mile - Iberian pig (Spanish), Farmstead 303 (farm to table), Farm burger, Twain's (brewpub & pool). Brick Store Pub (microbrews galore), El Tesoro (Mexican).

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        1. re: Enfielder

          Ok, i guess we will be cancelling our Eugene reservation then! Thanks for the recommendations!

          One more question: we will be arriving buckhead on Friday night, heading straight to the hotel @ Lenox Road to drop stuff off. It would be like between 9-10pm, any diner recommendation in that area we can grab a bite at?

          1. re: yipuxia

            Do you really mean "diner" recommendation in Buckhead? Or dinner?

            1. re: rcburli

              Dinner. but can be at a diner. not looking for fancy stuff. just something good and cozy.

              1. re: yipuxia

                Anis comes to mind.

                To stay with the "diner" motive, you could always try the Buckhead Diner...Not cozy per say but an Atlanta experience.

                1. re: rcburli

                  Thanks. Buckhead Diner sounds pretty good. anything else that's even more casual and cheaper? Since will be arriving around 9 30 ish, just want to eat a fast meal around the hotel and fill up stomach, want a lot of food and little wait, so we can hit the bars!

                  Buckhead Diner
                  3073 Piedmont Road Northeast Atlanta, GA, Atlanta, GA 30305