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Aug 28, 2010 02:47 PM

Calle Doce--Am I missing something?

Just went to La Calle Doce for lunch today and I was very disappointed. I went to the Skillman location and had both tostadas and the vuelve la vida. Others in my group had a Sopa de Pescado and the Huevos Rancheros. In my opinion, nothing was particularly good and it was all slightly expensive. Did the place go downhill or am I just alone on this?

La Calle Doce
415 W 12th St, Dallas, TX 75208

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  1. Personally like the OC location, but you didn't order what I might have. I love the paella.

    1. For us it's on our "craving salmon tacos" list, not our necessarily on our favorite Mexican list. I love their blackened salmon tacos and order those every time. I've had other things on the menu in the past, but none have been particularly stand-out to me one way or another.

      In all honesty, I've only been once or twice since they re-opened the Skillman location though, so perhaps your disappointment is on point.

      1. I've been to their OC location once, and their Skillman location once. Both instances were underwhelming. Now, I do know people who swear by their food and drinks.

        1. Yeah, we were pretty underwhelmed when we tried the Skillman location a few months ago as well... It wasn't bad, but just wasn't as good as we had hoped/expected it to be. I'm such a sucker for homemade corn tortillas and I REALLY wish more places around here had them.

          1. We've been to two different locations and I didn't enjoy either of them. My husband is crazy about them though. I think it is just a matter of personal taste. I just don't "get" it.