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Aug 28, 2010 12:13 PM

Virginia Beach kitchens worth working in?

A great kitchen co-worker is relocating to Virginia Beach and has had trouble finding somewhere decent to work. She's particularly interested in baking/pastry but is flexible. What restaurants, if any, have innovative kitchens worth working in.

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  1. We like going to the Gordon Biersch at town center because the kitchen is open, and you can see the kitchen staff preparing the meals. Might be something of interest.

    1. The Baker's Crust has locations in Norfolk and VB. The employ bakers and at least one pastry chef. It has been eons since I worked in the beach location.

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        Thanks. That sounds right up her alley

      2. Terrapin in Virginia Beach just lost their long time pastry chef. It might be worth a shot to send them a resume but keep in mind it is a very high end kitchen.