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Aug 28, 2010 10:06 AM

Table 10, Emeril's Restaurant

I was looking for information and comments on Emeril's Table 10 in the Palazzo Hotel. Has anyone been and any opinions? Thank you.....

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  1. I've only been once around when it first opened.. It was ok the drinks were better than the food from what I remember.. I'm sure someone on here has been there more recently than me..

    1. I was there last week for my birthday dinner.
      Loved it!
      Very attentive, friendly service, delicious food...mahi mahi...great portion size
      the truffled mac & cheese was out of this world.
      Would return even if I had to pay...LOL

      1. I would sit at the bar, share a few apps and enjoy a great cocktail. Found entrees to be a bit lacking. Also while sitting at the bar you can watch the kitchen line. If you are into foie gras it is also possible to request a simple preparation for it as the foie is usually listed as a small component of dishes, not a dish on it's own.

        1. Table 10 is one of my predominant reasons for going to Vegas! We manage our activities around meals there because I don't want to miss one opportunity to try something else.

          That is not to say that everything we have tried has been a fave, but some/most dishes have been AMAZING. Until the latest menu update, they have had Calamari which was phenomenal. I have never had such tiny and thinly sliced tubes (two sauces accompanied it). The Gumbo, Muffuletta, Jambalaya, Carnitas Po-Boy, Mahi Mahi Sandwich, Cinnamon Bun Bread Pudding, and of course the Derby Pie, were each worthy of my flying to Vegas. I told my husband that if Derby Pie was on the menu, he couldn't have the smallest taste, he had to get his own :)

          Hagen is one of the bartenders (we always sit at the bar), and he is lighthearted and charming; Max is one of Emeril's bartenders who migrates between Emeril's restaurants creating drinks, and whipping the up (if Max is there I will order a Mojito). Max and Hagen are both fun guys who have contributed to a great experience for us. I have found other members of the staff who are on earlier in the day to be what I call "second run", and are perhaps not as with it, nor interested in being. As previously mentioned, not everything I've tried at Table 10 has been a fave; the roasted turkey sandwich was just that, meh; the flatbread pizza was just ok, and the strawberry chocolate cupcake wasn't worth the calories.

          All in all though, I adore Table 10. And yes, I would fly to Vegas for dinner there. And that's from Canada...

          3799 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

          Table 10
          3327 Las Vegas Blvd South Suite 2900, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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            I see that the Cinnamon Bun Bread Pudding is not currently on the menu -- is this a staple that I should be able to expect come October, and if not do you think they would accommodate a special request for it?

            1. re: a213b

              Table 10 usually has some variation of Bread Pudding on the menu, Cinnamon Bun was just a favorite. I honestly don't think it's the kind of item that can be prepared as a one-off request, but I would recommend trying their current flavor, many have been memorable and I wouldn't miss the opportunity.

              Table 10
              3327 Las Vegas Blvd South Suite 2900, Las Vegas, NV 89109

          2. I had a serviceable lunch here. The fried smelt was served in a bucket, and it was overflowing. I took a picture only after I was done eating, and there was probably over half a bucket left. The biggest issue was that the breading had no flavor - not even salt. For $10, the bucket could've fed a whole family. In contrast, a side of sautéed spinach was $9 - the picture showed the measly portion before I dug in. I also didn't realize the lobster roll were in fact 3 sliders. The stringy bits of lobster were so drenched in dressing that I could only tell that I was eating lobster as a result of its texture. I did enjoy the southern cole slaw though.