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Aug 28, 2010 09:38 AM

Birthday dinner in Tucson

Hi there-- we're from Boston-- coming down to Tucson in mid-September to take our son out for his 21st birthday. He loves seafood -- would appreciate any suggestions you might offer. Thanks!

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  1. I like Kingfisher and Bluefin. Same owners. I prefer Kingfisher, although Bluefin is more focused on seafood.

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    1. re: lawyerbriefs

      Thanks a lot -- they both look good-- but judging soley from the online menus-- Bluefin seems to include a lot more fish entrees -- is that accurate?

      1. re: goodeater

        Bluefin is more focused on seafood. Coming from Boston you may find neither place up to snuff, but I've never had anything other than a first-class experience at Kingfisher. The staff is totally committed to making your meal enjoyable, the cocktail menu is great, wines are interesting and, all around, I think it's great. On sushi, I've never had a particularly great meal anywhere in Tucson.

        If seafood is not critical, you might also consider Janos or The Grill at Hacienda del Sol. Both are expensive and more upscale than Kingfisher, and both offer very memorable dining experiences.

    2. We've been to both and neither offers too much of a quality seafood experience.

      Your best bet would be Sushi. Tucson offers several good choices. You'll see several discussions on this topic.

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      1. re: DriverPhil

        Thanks-- my son has been to Ra for sushi-- is that a good option?

        1. re: goodeater

          I love Kazoku for sushi. It's a newer place, family owned, and I think it has the freshest fish in town. Of course, it is by no means fancy if that is what you are looking for. But tell the chef it's your son's birthday and he will make it special.

          1. re: goodeater

            Ra is a chain. Lots of action--it's in a very upscale mall--but mediocre sushi and drinks.

            1. re: lawyerbriefs

              Looking for the menu for Kazoku-- we have a couple non-sushi eaters in our group. Do they have some cooked entrees as well?

              1. re: goodeater

                Yes, they have non-sushi options. I have had the grilled yellowtail collar and it is very, very good. They also have Korean and Japanese dishes, but I can't remember any other cooked fish dishes off the top of my head.

                1. re: mole

                  Ok -- Kazoku it is-- will let you know how it goes. Thanks all!

                  1. re: goodeater

                    Just wanted to let you know we went to Kazoku and it was great. I wouldn't say the best sushi I ever had-- probably give it a B plus. But the service was definitely an A. They tried very hard to please us. 5 of us had sushi and the other 3 ate cooked food. Too many items to get into great detail but I loved the nigiri-- the maki were very well done and even the teriyaki eaters enjoyed their meal. One even ventured into sushi-land and loved it. The miso soup they brought to start was very tasty-- I think there may have been chicken broth in there. We also had edamame which everyone liked. At the end of our meal they brought out our birthday cake with candles and sang to our son-- afterwards they brought him fried ice cream with another candle and then plum ice cream for everyone. Needless to say we left there stuffed and happy.
                    Thanks all!

                    1. re: goodeater

                      So glad to hear it was a success! Yeah, you cannot get the "best" sushi in Tucson, but Chef Yuon and his staff make it the best.

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