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Aug 28, 2010 09:29 AM

Please make the font BIGGER!!!

I'm sorry to pile on if this has been said before, but I can't read the new font in the message boards.

Please don't make me leave Chowhound, but my eyes can't take it!

Thanks for considering this,


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  1. on one computer the font is too small. on the other, it's too big.


    1. Most browsers have some kind of "view" menu from which you can adjust the text or font size of a page, and it seems to stay that way.

      I had some problems with the font too but that has fixed them.

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      1. re: Midlife

        I use a large font in my browser as well. The only note on that is it makes things on the right of the screen scroll off. It is a pita to get to the search and those view icons if you need them since they are in the far right. Also, should anyone want to toggle back and forth between chow and chowhound that is in the far right as well.

        1. re: rworange

          I guess it depends on how BIG you need the text. ;o)))))) and................. how big your screen is, too.

          1. re: Midlife

            Just up to 125%. Doesn't matter about monitor size. There is the same scroll on my notebook as my large laptop screen or the larger desk top screen.

            .... and let me emphasize ... that is ALRIGHT A few years back Chow took away the ability to increase font size and it was hell to read this site. I'd rather struggle with search and losing a lot of access to the stuff on the right than have this site a fixed unreadable size.

            1. re: rworange

              This is interesting stuff. Can you look at the header pic I'm attaching of this topic and tell me what "scroll" you get on your screen? As you can see my Chow page covers only about 75% of the screen width.

              1. re: Midlife

                Oohhhh ... text size.

                Sorry, I work mainly on my net book these days and some of the terms are different on this operating system.

                Though I never really thought about it, I'm using IE.8 on all computers, so actually since this is browser specific, I'm not sure why the terminoligy is different.

                Yeah, text size does nada on this net book ... or next to nada. I don't have my other pcs turned on but, Zoom on this machine is Text Size (or something like that) on the other computers.

                Over on those, Zoom is only a temporary thing good for the current page. On the net book it stays fixed.

                So looking at your photo, the that is 75% zoom (i.e. text size on my other pcs)

                The screen prints on the bottom show what 125% zoom does ... which is what changing text size does on the other pcs.

                I get the screen cut off at the right. I have to scroll left to get to buttons like view.

                Just for my own gratuitous pleasure I opened 'saved boards'. That alone takes up the entire screen so I have to scroll down to even get to the OP.

                1. re: rworange

                  Yeah, netbooks are great for many things, but CH doesn't appear to be one of them. My wife tried one for a while and couldn't handle it.

                  1. re: Midlife

                    No. I want to make this clear. I am tired of being told constantly on this site it is the fault of the browser, cache needs to be clear and endless things that go wrong here being bounced back on the user.

                    Next thing it will be you should only run Chowhound on recommended computers.

                    My net book works just fine on everything, thank you. I encounter the SAME problems on my lap top and desk top with this crummy new design.

                    While the saved boards make take up less real estate on the larger pcs, it still takes up too much real estate I still have to scroll right and left.

                    1. re: rworange

                      I'm a novice but do know that different site construction can show up different with varying operating systems and especially with varying browser VERSIONS. Are you running IE 8 for windows? And on what Operating System? Here's a capture of IE @ 125% zoom from IE8 w/Windows 7 on my laptop. I don't get any scroll until 150%. Also, Zoom STAYS zoomed on new pages.

                      BTW, On my laptop IE has BOTH text size AND zoom.

                      Computer wizzes feel free to jump in any time here. Is this something to do with the architecture of the netbook itself??? Or do Op systems run differently on different netbooks? Or..............????????????

                      1. re: Midlife

                        Yeah, my netbook has IE8 w/Windows 7. Probably a bigger monitor means you don't have to scroll until 150%.

                        Zoom and text size are also available. I just find that text size doesn't really increase the size of the text too much. I need zoom to do that.

                        My laptop has XP / IE.8. Again, too lazy to start it up, but zoom is only good for the current page. There might have been a slight upgrade to IE.8 since I installed it on the laptop. I never compared the exact version number for IE,8 for both. The few times I used zoom more than a year back, it only stuck for the page.

                        So that could be the difference and would make more sense than different operating systems. Windows 7 has slight navigation changes so I wasn't thinking too deeply about it and just lumped anything different on the netbook to Windows 7

                        1. re: rworange


                          Just trying to ease the frustration if I could.