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Aug 28, 2010 09:16 AM

Best Chinese BBQ Pork or Roast Duck on Rice (Montreal)?

Hello there,

I am new to Montreal from Toronto and am craving Chinese bbq pork and roast duck on rice, but am wondering about the best place(s) to get these dishes. Oh, also any tips on good congee (preferably duck!) would also be great.

Many thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. The best is take out only. On st laurent street east side of the street below rene levesque,,, as you walk down you pass a parking lot then a chinese grocery store then it is the take out bbq pork and duck and quail place its about a meter or two wide and one on the boards seems to know if it has a name. It is extremely cheap and delicious. I dont think they sell rice.... only meat and anise stars (I bought a one kilo bag for about 2 dollars)

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    1. Montreal fails so badly in this department. That's what I go straight for when I visit Toronto.
      There's an ok place that serves bbq and rice on the 1rst floor of the complex where maison Kam Fung is located (1111 Rue Saint Urbain). Their Bbq isn't anything special but their portions are generous.

      Your other option would be to buy the bbq at the place kpax mentioned(a lot better quality), boil some chinese broccoli, steam some rice and go at it at your place.

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        I believe that place is called Dobe and Andy and they do have some nice discount for lunchtime ( at last about 5-6 months ago I went there for lunch on saturday). As Evilbanana11 said, the bbq is ok but the portions are good.

      2. thanks to everyone for the replies!

        1. Maybe have a look here

          My vote is Sun Sing Lung at 72 Lagauchetiere Tel 514-861-0815, a family run joint.
          If you spend a few minutes with the owner, he might offer to show you his pig oven in action.

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            Oh this is a great link! Thanks so much

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              There's a restaurant on St Laurent, just south of La Gauchetiere ( close to 55 bus stop) that served some decent roasted meat on rice with a bit of broccoli for less than 10$ I think it was called Hong Kong. The last time i walked by it, it seemed to have been split into two restaurants, side by side.

              1. re: ciao_chow

                It's still there, and the BBQ duck & pork are still good. The two sides of the restaurant are still attached by an inside doorway, but they're more separate-feeling than they used to be. The north side area has been completely renovated.