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Aug 28, 2010 09:03 AM

Best Food and Value - 1 Michelin Star

I will be in Paris next week and wish to dine at a 1 star (perhaps 2 stars if not too pricey) restaurant during lunch that screams "bang for your euro". Which 1 star restaurants are the current chowhound board's favorite?

I also have dinner reservations at La Regalade and Mon Vieil Ami (since they're open on Sundays). Have been trying to call Frenchie and Chez l'Ami Jean but no luck. What are the chances of me walking in Chez l'Ami Jean for lunch with no reservations? Considering Jadis. Need a few more options if you can help.


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  1. Lunch at Michel Rostang for under 100 euros, l think 88, includes wine, water and three courses. One of those courses for me is the quenelle de brochet, my fav of that dish anywhere. It is a ** and the wines served are very high level. Rustic, old style, and hope never changes.

    1. My favorite one star are Hiramatsu and La Grande Cascade. Of course I second DCM's rec of Rostang lunch, and La Table de JR's lunch menu is hard to beat in the "bang for your euro" category, in my opinion. In general, you shouldn't assume that one star are less expensive than two. Just less good. And not always.

      Chez l'Ami Jean will reopen tomorrow or wednesday, which is why you had no luck calling there. Walk in for lunch at CAJ can work, it has to be either early or late (12.15 or 2pm). But why not call ahead anyway?

      I think Jadis is an excellent option, food wise.

      1. Based on the previous recommendations of DCM and Souphie, we had lunch at Michel Rostang in May. We ordered the 94.5€ lunch, which includes Champagne and wine and which was not on the menu. It was so good that we made res. as we left for October! I can't imagine a better value in Paris.

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          I currently have a reservation for Michel Rostang for dinner (this October). Any opinion on whether dinner here is NOT a good choice—or it's just that lunch is a particularly good deal?

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            Dinner at MR is very expensive -- very good, but very expensive. Lately, they started having a good deal -- 150 with drinks. But that's new and I'm not sure if everyone can have it (in the sense that it there might be a limited number offered, I think it's theoretically through )

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              The 150 EUR evening menu has apparently been going for some time now (around a year, I believe), but there was not much publicity about it.
              I had this menu last June, and I indeed had to book through I don't know the details behind this, but if I remember correctly, there are only 5 tables for 2 persons available for this offer every night.

              From what I've gathered, this deal is similar to the 94,5 EUR one, with one added course, so that's one starter, fish, meat and dessert. When ordering, they make it sound like the choice of dishes is based on the day's market, when in fact, they're just offering that are either available a la carte (for the less expensive ones) or on other menus. So if you study the menu beforehands, you can easily guess what you'll have on your plate when they tell you to chose between, say "st-pierre, lobster, foie gras, etc.".

              For what it's worth, the dinner was really good, with some highlights (the quenelle really is as good as everyone says it is), and some OK-but-boring dishes. All in all, this is a very "honest" restaurant that doesn't try to impress you with anything else than the food.
              Service was so-so (maître d' and one waiter were perfect, but two other waiters were way too obsequious for my taste (caveat: while I also abhor make-believe laid-backness, being called "mon cher Monsieur" almost make me want to burp loudly, just to make things straight, so your mileage may vary).

        2. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions so far.

          souphie - Didn't know CAJ was closed. Thanks for the tip and I will call again! "Why not call ahead anyway?" Because I don't know a word of French but rather pray that the person on the other end "parlez vous anglais"...

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