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Aug 28, 2010 06:56 AM

The Point Restaurant in Fell's Point

Three of us went to the new restaurant at the corner of Thames and Ann St. last night, and thought it was quite enjoyable. We shared a bunch of small plates. Highlights were

- crab and avocado "parfait" with red pepper soup/sauce -- very tasty, I thought the red pepper soup nicely contrasted/accentuated the flavor of the crab. Perhaps a little lemon juice would have added a nice zing to the flavor, but this was a very nice combination.

- fried soft shell crab with asian-style pickled shredded peppers -- very tasty, with creamy body and crispy legs. The slaw made a nice, crunch, fresh counterpoint to the crab

- seared scallops with mango chutney -- SOOO GOOD. The scallops themselves were perfectly seared and simple.

- charcuterie + cheese plate -- a very nice combination of soft and hard cheeses with a few slices of sausage and cured meats -- one of the soft cheeses came with a fruit jam that perfectly complemented the flavors.

Mussels with shiitake mushroom and tomatoes were good, though I feel like the flavors of the mushroom and tomatoes were not well integrated into the dish. The only two "meh" dishes of the night were the watermelon salad with blue cheese (watermelon was diced into pieces that were too small to really get a burst of flavor in the mouth), and the scallop ceviche (might have been undersalted -- not very flavorful).

The chef knows how to balance flavors. I also asked the bar to make an interesting non-alcoholic drink, and they came up with a very nice sweet/tart/refreshing drink that reminded me a little of good strawberry lemonade (where you can taste the strawberries).

It's a worthy addition to the Fell's Pt. group of restaurants, and I'd come back here to check it out, especially as their dishes change with the season.

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  1. Additional comments on that meal:
    Seared scallops were amazing and could have been plated by themselves. The scallops came with two seared plantains that were extremely tough and starchy.

    The crab and avocado parfait was one of my favorite dishes of the night.

    Charcuterie and cheese plate: highlights were the prosciutto and one of the soft cheeses. The bleu cheese was also quite good. I think this was the same bleu cheese that was in the watermelon salad (which incidentally, felt too strong to be paired with the watermelon).

    Their cocktail list looked interesting and trended toward the refreshing tangy-sweet style of daveinmd's drink. I had a glass of the Argentinian Malbec, which was smooth but not as full-bodied or as fruity as I might have liked.

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