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Aug 28, 2010 04:58 AM

Amazing Savings Asheville

As a recent transplant , I understand Amazing Savings is the place to go for food bargins,
Is there any differerance between the Downtown Store and the one on Sweeten Creek?

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  1. not so much between those two stores likely but the huge one in Black Mountain (on 70) has tons of variety (usually)

    1. Yes. Definitely go to the Black Mountain store.

      1. Went to Amazing savings at S. French Broad
        Pretty dissapointing
        90%-REALLY was out dated merchandise- Found a few good sauces,and rice but very limited choices, especially dariy section
        In no way compares to Grocery Outlet in SF Bay area
        Great wine prices , large selection of cheese,coffee, frozen anf fresh NOT out dated sometimes within a few weeks Will try Black Mountain store next week

        French Broad Cafe
        French Broad Pl, Brevard, NC 28712

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          sorry I saw this too late. There's almost nothing in the little booth downtown, but the location on Sweeten Creek has enough to make it worth a trip. I haven't been to the one in Black Mountain.