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Aug 28, 2010 04:12 AM

Morning Coffee By Trevi or Piazza Venezia

Looking for a morning pit stop enroute to a destination elsewhere. Please - I welcome suggestions in the vicinity of either (and not the usual suspects near the Campo, Navonna or Pantheon). TIA.

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  1. The best coffee in all of Italy, is San Eustachio. Piazza San Eustachio. Not sure if you consider this the "usual suspect".

    1. what about San Teodoro Caffe on Via della Fienilli 49-51. Ive not been, but its coffee has a good rep. There are a bunch of places around the Parliament area in the centro, not that far from Trevi Ftn. including (from Downie book) the two caffes in the Galleria Colonna - Trevi e Tritone - but the book says they serve Illy, which is not a recommendation at this point, Id say.

      There used to be a website that rated the cornetti around town, but I havent been able to find it recently

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        And why is Illy coffee not recommended at this point? Because an American documentary film pilloried it for not signing on the dotted line for Fair Trade coffee - although it deals directly with the coffee farmers it buys from and pays them well above market prices?

        Personally, I find Illy coffee overpriced and overmarketed, but I would not avoid a bar because it used Illy coffee.

        1. re: zerlina

          They have really gone mass market, multinational and at least one serious coffee afficianado I know here (who has to use it commercially) finds the product is not what it was. His critique has nothing whatever to do with fair trade - look, I find Illy to be a good product and I still buy a tin when I need espresso when visiting Italy, but its not uncommon for product quality to go down as an artisanal business becomes huge. Starbucks used to serve a pretty good coffee too.

          \As far as Rome is concerned, I would rather go to a place with a distinct local roast.

        2. re: jen kalb

          Thanks Jen - the Alberto Soldi rec in Downie is a good one, concern is opening time (by 10-ish, I'll have breezed by). S. Teodoro is an excellent suggestion! If you unearth the site, please post.

          San Eustachio is, of course, w/in spitting distance of the Pantheon - not the vicinity noted.

          1. re: wristband

            as far as a website, I dont know of one - doing a search I see it is in Downie's book too this should be a page view link if we are lucky. Thats a really nice little old corner of Rome to explore, too, out of the bustle of the Piazza Venezia.

                1. re: jen kalb

                  Thank you both. I scampered back to Downie after your suggestion - the electronic version and web site has been downloaded for the trip (rather than lugging D's hefty book along). Funny enough, planned for another day, we are to mosey once again round the back of the Forum - with its wonderfully poignant view of the ruins - using Georgina Masson's walk. We marked St. Teodoro as a lunch possibility but the cafe is a great option for the morning by P. Venezia.

                  I agree St. Eustachio is not what it once was. Putting aside the tourist throng and annoying sugar additive, two visits last spring struck me as unduly bitter. Far better options elsewhere - even across the piazza at Camelioni which is more relaxed and perfectly fine. Cafe Brasil on Serpenti offers first rate roasting that result in terrific macchiato, cappucini and expressi. Downie was miffed at their secrecy but, hey, Brasil has some of the best caffee in Roma!

                  1. re: wristband

                    I can vouch the excellent coffee at Cafe Brasil on Serpenti. Two years ago, we rented an apartment around the corner and had our breakfast there every morning. And really nice staff. Although there are tables in the back, it is mostly stand up as practically no one ever occupied them. It is not too near Trevi or Venezia but a very short detour if walking from one to the other.

                    1. re: PBSF

                      maybe one of those little electric buses runs OP's way - I think there is one that comes down the Via Serpenti.Personally, Not relevant to the bus, but I would n't want to have to wait very long for my morning coffee,it would make whatever the scenario is more enjoyable

                      1. re: jen kalb

                        Neither would I want to wander very far for morning coffee. Besides, being stuck at the Piazza Venezia early in the morning is punishment enough.

                        1. re: PBSF

                          Is Via Arenula too far from piazza Venezia for your AM wandering? Bar del Cappucino, on via Arenula near via San Bartolomeo dei Vaccinari. Danesi beans, IIRC, and quick, competent service. Caters to the folks flocking to the bus stops just outside.