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Aug 28, 2010 04:12 AM

Heading to San Antonio

I'm heading to SA for the weekend and looking for a good place to try out. I'm not looking for anything that I can find somewhere else. TexMex would be okay or any other little joint. Very fond of hole-in-the-wall places and I'd like to keep it at $30 for two people. Any one got any tips?

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  1. Guajillos for great, cheap MX
    Chris Madrids's for Tostada burger
    La Gloria- upscale mexican street food
    Two Bros BBQ Market
    If $30 includes tax and tip, you're going to be seriously limited, that means <$12 for each of you before tax/tip

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      I stopped at Two Bros bbq Thursday on our way out west and picked up some sliced brisket and chicken. The brisket was delicious but it had way too much fat on it. The bark on the sliced beef was really good. The thing we loved about Two Bros was the chicken!! Delicious!!! And the people working there are just wonderful. So nice and accommodating.

    2. If you haven't left yet...Mexican Manhattan by the courthouse (not on the Riverwalk) This has been around for a loo-o-o-ng time. Best cheese enchildas! It is a hole in the wall.

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      1. re: ScottTeaux

        Even though you don't enter Mexican Manhattan from the Riverwalk, it has a very nice patio area in the back on the river!

        Mexican Manhattan
        110 Soledad St, San Antonio, TX 78205

      2. saeyodoc, perhaps you could go into a little more detail on your recommendations? Particular dishes or whatnot would be great - this Bostonian is excited to get into Texan food.

        How about holes-in-the-wall? Mexican, Guatemalan, Cuban? Places filled only with locals?

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        1. re: enhF94

          Favorite Mexican:
          Celito Lindo- it's in an upscale suburban strip mall, but very authentic and always filled with mexican nationals. Everythings great, but my favorite is the tampiquena plate
          Guajillos- fairly cheap (most entrees under $10), simple but clean. Also frequented by mex nationals. I like the fish with garlic sauce, milanesa, tacos al pastor.
          If you want really cheap, go to Mendez cafe, out of the way, may only be open for lunch. Get whatever the special is that day, usually $5-6. Homemade tortillas, everything made to order. You'll be the only tourist in there.

        2. La Gloria is all small plates, you can get a bunch and share, most are around $5. all of the tacos are good, had a molcajete with pork last time that was great.
          Two Bros BBQ- great baby back ribs, pulled pork, brisket.
          I've only been here a few years, but don't know of any Guatamalen or Cuban.
          I don't really like tex mex, so my recommendations are more for interior mexican food.

          1. I, too, am coming to San Antonio in about three weeks. Excited about the Tex/Mex possibilities - but not sure about eating that four days in a row.... :-) Any other alternatives to that and the BBQ? I'm a huge fan of South Asian food . Thanks much!

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            1. re: Nancy C

              Not great here for Asian food. There are a handful of decent Thai and Chinese restaurants, but nothing you can't get elsewhere.
              There are two great Italian restaurants. Il Sogno, which is in the same complex as La Gloria, the Pearl Brewery, is owned by Andrew Weissman who was a Beard nominee more than once. He used to own Le Reve, which was considered by many to be the best restaurant in TX. He also owns Sandbar, an excellent seafood place also in the same complex. They don't take reservations and it can be tough to get into Il Sogno on weekends unless you get there at 6 when they open.
              Tre Trattoria is owned by Jason Dady, who owns several other restaurants including Two Bros BBQ and Bin 555. All of his restaurants are good. Tre Trattoria is at a significantly lower price point then Il Sogno.

              Tre Trattoria
              4003 Broadway St, San Antonio, TX 78209

              La Gloria
              1001 37th St, Snyder, TX 79549

              Bin 555
              555 W Bitters Rd Ste 110, San Antonio, TX 78216