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Aug 28, 2010 12:18 AM

good music and food/drink?

Looking for a place with good music (70's punk, recent indie, 90's alt, metal, etc.) and a decent atmosphere. If they offer awesome bar food or artisanal cocktails (long shot, I know) that would be great. I have lived here for close to two years and aside from a few shows at the Grenada, am still unsure where I can get an experience close to NYC.

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  1. The Windmill sounds like a place you'd like. They're my go-to for cocktails and I'd agree Charlie is a good contender for best bartender in town. I don't know about the food part though because I've never ordered anything there, but have been told their paninis aren't bad.

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      Panini's are good at Windmill, especially the Reuben. Ask Charlie (weekends) or Louise for a chili sample. Louise is majority owner and owned a restaurant in NYC at one time. They make killer cocktails.