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Aug 27, 2010 10:43 PM

Harrisburg/Hershey - kid friendly

Visiting Hershey for a day or so and staying in Harrisburg for 5. Non-picky, well behaved kids, but they don't like hot and spicy food (and won't eat chicken fingers or hot dogs, trust me, we've tried).
I'm confused with the posts here about the places.
Devon Seafood Grill, Bricco, Mangia Qui and Cedars are all I could fish out as decent, but are they kid friendly?
Please, no chains or diners, cheap is always welcome, and [down home cookin'] is just fine. 20 minute or so drive from Harrisburg is about all the family can take in the car for lunch or dinner.


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  1. Devon - yes, my kids favorite "upscale" place and the kids menu has some of the usuals, but also seafood enchiladas and grilled salmon
    Bricco -- Yes. I've only been once, but enjoyed it very much and saw a large family there on the way out.
    Mangia Qui - I'm going to say no to this one
    Cedars - not familiar.

    Devon, Bricco and Mangia Qui are all on the expensive side.

    In Hershey I would also say that the Chocolate Ave. Grill is good food and kid friendly. Finicci's is popular with families and is a "red sauce Italian" type place but personally, there red sauce is way too sweet for my taste. When we go, we always get the pizza, which I think is pretty good with a nice thin, crisp crust. "What if..." is not a bad option as is The Hershey Pantry - esp. for breakfast. The Hotel Hershey restaurants will all be relatively family friendly, but again a little pricey.

    I'm hoping someone else can give you ideas for cheap but non-ethnic/spicy eats closer to Harrisburg, because if I'm not going for "special night out with the hubby" then I am getting Indian because there isn't any of that near me.

    Hotel Hershey
    100 Hotel Road, Hershey, PA 17033

    Hershey Pantry
    801 E Chocolate Ave, Hershey, PA 17033

    Mangia Qui
    268 North St, Harrisburg, PA 17101

      1. Not to split hairs but Devon is a chain, or so it was reported in the local papers. Hershey Entertainment has the one and only franchise, the others are owned by the parent company.

        We do not like the Hershey Devon's. After several good meals at the Rittenhouse location, we have been disappointed with Hershey. IOE, the service is poor and the food quality has been inconsistant. They still haven't pulled it all together yet and for the price, we will be avoiding it for some time.

        In general, we also avoid chains but Houlihan's right next door is actually pretty good.

        I agree on What If? It has been a while since I visited but we used to eat there quite often. My Hershey relatives say it has remained consistant.

        Concerning Harrisburg - Recently we ate at Carley's on Locust Street. (Carley's is owned by the same people as Stocks, which has been around for years so they know what they are doing) It was a pleasant surprise. The food was good, the wine list is large and the waitstaff "knew" how to do families. We had our 4 yo with us and the waitress was great. The menu is on their website and I was told it changes regularly.

        The Firehouse might be fun for the kids, it is in an old firehouse on 2nd Street. I haven't eaten there in years but remember the food as ok.

        The Appalachian Brewing Company is definately kid-friendly, we always see families there. Lots of sandwich options, reasonably priced, nice atmosphere.

        What If Cafe
        845 E Chocolate Ave, Hershey, PA 17033

        1. One more comes to mind - Julianna's used to be located on the West Shore but I read that it moved to Harrisburg. IF it is the same Julianna's, it would be a good family restaurant. Decent family style options. Italian.