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Aug 27, 2010 07:08 PM

What non-obvious things do you store in your fridge?

I have a problem that is probably alien to many chowhounders.

My fridge is nearly empty.

I'm a single woman, living in a tiny (less than 300sqft) apartment. My fridge rarely contains more that a pitcher of water, a half gallon of milk, and a bunch of freshly-bought fruits and vegetables. I find that any more food tends to goes bad before I get a chance to eat it.

All that empty space irks me.

I'm seriously tempted to start storing my sweaters or cookbooks in there, maybe because I have such limited storage space in general. However, I'd prefer something less wacky (don't want to frighten any company). I thought about pantry items like rice, beans, flour, etc. but I'm worried the humidity will spoil them.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Mrs. B has a refrigerator in her dressing room, and keeps perfumes, and cosmetics there in the summer months.

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    1. re: bagelman01

      And nail polish? Mine is all in the fridge.

    2. I store perfume/cologne, I work in a hospital and we cannot wear perfume as some patients may be sensitive to it, so I only wear scents off duty, A bottle will last me a long time and refrigerating them keeps the scent from dissipating. I have kept a bottle in the fridge for over a year and it still smells good.

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      1. re: sherriberry

        bagelman and sherriberry, this is a great idea - thanks!

      2. Rice and flour in air tight containers or plastic bags will prevent bugs from getting to them or growing if they're already in there.
        Cash is always good.

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        1. re: monku

          :) I wish I had enough cash to fill the fridge, I might be able to get a bigger apartment.

          1. re: albaloo

            Be careful what you wish for. Ex -congressman Jefferson from Louisiana had $90,000 cash in his freezer, and now he is doing 13 years.

            1. re: Veggo

              You know, since we are from New Orleans, I keep looking in all my freezers, and still have not found "cold, hard cash." Bogus - just bogus!

              Golf on Thursday. First round in over two months. Been an odd year here, and then we climb aboard an airplane, and do not return until almost New Years Eve. Hoping to get about six days on O`ahu Northshore, and will ship the clubs over - just in case. Luckily, I have a copy of Golf Digest, with pictures of which end of the club to hold... !

              Take care,


              1. re: Bill Hunt

                I'm waiting impatiently for hurricane season to end before I return to the Caribbean. Cheers and aloha. I still have a couple Cohibas reserved for you.

                1. re: Veggo

                  Yeah, though not as bad, as had earlier been anticipated - yet, hurricane season does seem to be heating up. We're in NOLA in Oct (late for the "season"), and we are hoping that things will be fine.

                  We'd love for EVERY storm to bypass the US.

                  Good friends just moved to the Caribbean, and we've been thinking about them. Luckily, they are not THAT far off of South America, and most storms by-pass them. Let's hope that that continues.

                  Going to London in Oct too, and will stock up, for when you visit. I have some older Vintage Ports, that are just calling to be consumed. We'll get a few winos over.

                  Now - back to the thread: many friends keep their cigars in the fridge. I keep mine in the wine cellar, so that does not count. Still, a box of Cubans in the 'fridge might be apropos.


                  1. re: Bill Hunt

                    I wish I knew whether food odors in the fridge infiltrate cigars, or not. The temp and humidity, while not ideal, could serve in a pinch. I have a couple humidors and frankly maintaining their humidity is a pain.

        2. my drum sticks...they are better served for me in gigs when they are chilled in the fridge overnight.

          1. No reason why you couldn't keep canned goods there. (The sweaters belong in the oven.)

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            1. re: Glencora

              When i moved in with my S.O., I discovered he stored ammunition in the oven. Luckily I just happened to peek inside before the first time I cranked it on.

                1. re: Firegoat

                  Beware of firearms in the oven. We have a friend who is a DC cop who stored his gun in the oven. His new girlfriend decided to surprise him with a homecooked meal and unknowingly preheated the oven. When he realized what was happening, he made the mistake of taking the gun out of the oven and stupidly putting the gun under running water which caused it to discharge. Turned into an embarrassing problem as the department launches an internal investigation when an officer's firearm is discharged. Naturally we found it hilarious and thankfully no one was injured.

                  Another friend stored magazines in the oven and nearly burned down her apartment building when another friend turned on the oven without knowing.

                  After typing this, I realize I have the most stupid friends possible! LOL!

                2. re: Glencora

                  "(The sweaters belong in the oven.)"
                  as do shoes. i bet if you polled all the people who've ever lived in an NYC studio, the majority would tell you they've stored shoes & sweaters in their oven at some point.

                  1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                    Actually, if you store your sweaters and other woolens in the freezer, you'll kill any wool moth larvae without resorting to nasty mothballs.

                    1. re: Beckyleach

                      In one of her movies, Marilyn Monroe said she liked to store her underwear in the freezer.