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Aug 27, 2010 06:23 PM

Montano Sardines in the boston providence area

My husband who isn't Filipino is in love with Montano brand "Spanish-style" sardines packed in glass jars of olive oil, with some chili pepper, cucumber, carrot, peppercorns also in there. I suspect this Filipino product is not sold in the U.S. But am hoping that they do exist somewhere... Anyone have any ideas.

(For anyone trying to find me a substitute, I've read that these sardines are made from a Filipino herring. They're headless, but skin and bones are intact. Their length makes them a perfect fit for sliced bread. They taste like what I imagine an anchovy would be like if it wasn't so salty. )


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  1. there is a filipino grocery store next to JNJ Turo-Turo in Quincy, MA. Not sure if you'll find it but I saw sardines in a small glass jar there.. I don't buy the stuff else I'd recognize it

    1. Ming's in Boston carries these

      Ming's Supermarket
      1102 Washington Street
      (617) 338-1588

      1. oops, looks like I need to amend my prior post
        It is San Sebastian brand Ming's carries
        product is basically the same as your description and are fairly decent
        they also carry one or two other brands that may or may not be Montaño
        was just at Kam Man this morning and they also had the San Sebastian brand along with two others that weren't Montaño
        hope this helps

        Kam Man Marketplace
        219 Quincy Avenue
        Quincy, Massachusetts 02169
        (617) 328-1533