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Aug 27, 2010 05:19 PM

Smoked Wings...OMG!

After a year of going to Jimmys BBQ in Malvern I passed on the ribs and got the smoked wings to go.. WOW!!
Buffalo...move over.. 5 of the most moist, tender, seasoned wings I ever had and only $5.50. I shot some of the vinegar base sauce on them before I left, got back to work
And I wiped out 4 before I could stop. I am trying to save 1 for the Mrs but......

I have eaten wings everywhere including both Buffalo NY places that claim to be the originator. My local favorite is Old Glory in Glenside. But it will be a long time til I go back, as I am already thinking about Jimmys with a couple shakes of Franks on em.

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  1. Your post made me really hungry seagulls! Because of you I had to go over to Smoke Daddy's in Lansdale today. They don't have wings but they do have whole smoked chickens. Yum! I liked what you said about trying to save a wing for the Mrs. Now I have to ask, he he! Did you manage to save that wing for your wife? Chowhounds won't judge you if you just couldn't. In fact I wrote a whole post on Not About Food about how hard that can be sometimes:

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    1. re: givemecarbs

      Yes, yes I did - I am so proud of myself, hehe!

      Now the rest of the story....

      She loved it... now I am under standing orders that I must bring home a minimum of a double order; or else!!!

      Where is my pride now?

      1. re: seagulls1

        Food over Pride. That is just the way it is seagulls.

        1. re: seagulls1

          No good deed unpunished he he! But that was impressive, don't know if I could have resisted chomping down on The Last Wing.
          My post about this in Not About Food is hopping, with lots of different takes on the subject: