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Aug 27, 2010 05:17 PM

Fried Catfish

Checked the board for the 'best fried catfish within 25 miles of Austin.' But, I'm talking about Southern Fried Catfish. The Boat House Grill has come the closest. Been to several of the places named and they do have crispy fried catfish..............that is so bland I can't stand it. Most of the places have great fried shrimp, but when it comes to the catfish..........nothing, nada, bland. When I eat catfish, I don't use all the dipping sauces and that is the only reason I can think that these places have highly rated catfish. So, I guess I will have to go to Louisiana or Mississippi to get really good Southern Fried Catfish.

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  1. Just had the Fried catfish at Fish Daddy's. Crispy, tasty and super value.

    Large portions on a good price point.

    It's just off of I35 near tinseltown theaters!

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      I agree, Fish Daddy's fried catfish is very good and an excellent value since they give you so much of it. I'm glad you mentioned them, I may just head up there for dinner tonight!

    2. I'm curious, having grown up in Texas, and catching our own catfish and cooking them in deep fat, yes, fat, what is it that you call Southern Fried Catfish. I might want to try it at home one day. Thanks, J.

      1. Yes, you will get it fresher in LA or MS. The closest I can get here is this: buy catfish at Quality Seafood, take it home and filet it or fry whole, and cook it yourself.... I grew up on the MS River, and I have never found any place here that could come close to matching my favorite place there (favorite next to my mother-in-laws, of course )... fried catfish, onion rings, hush puppies, pickled onions, coleslaw and fries on one family-size platter. I very much understand your craving, but I've never found anywhere here that came close to what I'm looking for.

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