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Aug 27, 2010 05:03 PM

Seafood & local restaurants near Topsail Island, NC

The week of Labor Day we will be renting a house on Topsail island. It's our first time in this area. I'm looking for suggestions for good seafood/local/pub fare restaurants. We'll have a lot of kids so not looking for fine dining. As an example, when we stayed on Oak Island, we liked The Provision Co. (or just Provision) in Southport. Thanks in advance for suggestions.

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  1. Topsail is not restaurant friendly. Look into some seafood markets and cook at your condo. Here's a few suggestions.

    Here's a link to Topsail area dining.

    Go to Mollie's for some good road food. Go to Beach Shop and Grill for good breakfast,lunch and dinner. Go to Breezeway Restaurant for good seafood at dinner. Home Port is nice too. Surf City is close by. Go to Buddy's for fresh seafood.

    Mollie's Restaurant @ 107 North Shore Dr., Surf City, NC 910 - 328 - 0505.
    Beach Shop and Grill @ 701 South Anderson Blvd., Topsail Beach, NC 910 - 328 - 6501.
    Breezeway Motel and Restaurant @ 634 Channel Blvd., Topsail Beach, NC 910 - 328 - 4302.
    Home Port Restaurant and Pub @ 718 South Anderson Blvd., Topsail Beach, NC 910 - 328 - 7000.
    Buddy's Crab House and Oyster Bar @ 101 Roland Avenue, Surf City, NC 910 - 328 - 2573.

    1. I've lived here 36 years and there are some GREAT places to take your family:-)

      For a fun atmosphere and laid back lunch in your suits, drive to the south end and hit up the Beach Shop Grille for some spectacular burgers and truly delectable fries!

      Need a dinner tasty enough to be called gourmet but chill enough to wear shorts and arrive with kids in tow??? Drive towards the North end of the island and find a small oceanfront resort called the Villa Capriani. There is an amazing open air restaurant downstairs owned by a local up and coming chef:-) The atmosphere is spectacular, the view is awesome and the food is consistently on-point! Best of all? Open air patio for the kids to run around between courses:-) best time to visit? Sunset, our sky is beautiful at sunset and this place lets you take it all in while holding a delicious cocktail. Staff is courteous, knowledgable and fun. It is quickly becoming our favorite spot to grab a bite!

      Another dining spot with some fantastic cuisine is Beaucheines. You can't go wrong no matter what you choose. It's more adult than some of the other suggestions, but totally kid friendly:-)

      For a good time at a family friendly pub (Sports bar) drive just a minute or two over the high rise bridge on the north end and you will find Rick's Sports Bar in Sneads Ferry. Few arcade games, tons of big screen TVs, Tuesday is Trivia night and I think they do karaoke on weekends. It's a great local spot owned by an amazing local family. Steaks, crab, chicken, great salads, sandwiches....something for everyone!

      If you want to grab a quick and delicious breakfast or lunch, drive just a bit past Rick's until you see the CVS pharmacy. Turn right into the small shopping center and you will see Minervini's New York Bagel Company.
      For breakfast, I recommend the Taylor ham and Cheddar cheese on a toasted bagel. For lunch, try the Roast beef wrangler or the Bubbalicious:-) They also carry a great selection of breads, Boar's head meats and cheeses so you can stock up on deli supplies and grab some bagels and cream cheese for your stay.

      Old fashioned southern (fried) seafood more your thing? Ask any local how to find the Riverview Cafe in the heart of Sneads Ferry. You'll be neck deep in fried seafood and sweet tea in no time!
      Make sure you leave early enough to stop by Floral Expressions on your way. There, you'll find delectable sweet chocolate treats that you won't find anywhere else in the area. I mean-SERIOUSLY delicious! If you can pull yourself away from the chocolate counter, browse the test of the two story shop for honey fresh out of the NC mountains of Asheville, furniture and crafts by local artisans and farm fresh produce and flowers from Hometown Harvest. Take a jar strawberry jam or red pepper jelly home to remember your trip:-)

      We also have two great pizza spots:
      Denoia's pizza and Baked Pizza Company. Denoia's has a crisper, more authentic crust, but Baked has a perfectly zesty sauce:-) You decide....

      If you are near the center if the island, Just baked and Max's are fantastic. My favorite Max's item is the SuperSub with Mama's secret sauce:-) (seriously, it's so hush-hush that if you get a SuperSub to go, they will NOT put the sauce on the side-they will only let it leave the restaurant ON the sandwich!!

      Got a sweet tooth? Grab some fudge from the Topsail Island Trading Company or snatch a cupcake from the sweets shop just up the road from Max's.:-) Then, walk accross the street (carefully) and check out the awesome shops-(East Coast Sports is my fave) set yourself up for some surf lessons or some paddle boarding out in the waterway.

      Ever had a scallop burger? Or truly divine crab cakes? Sears Landing is a must-visit! They have a great porch overlooking the sound and people can drive their boats right up and hop out for a bite to eat. I recommend sunset because the sky colors are just too beautiful to miss:-) great for lunch OR dinner!

      Ask around to see if the sound side park happens to be having a Movie In the Park night while you are there:-) A 28ft outdoor screen and projection/sound system is brought in for a family friendly movie after dark. Picnic foods and family beverages are welcome!
      During the day, you can visit the park so the kids can play. Make sure you walk the path of the replica wooden swing bridge (built by my family to commemorate the historical landmark that is scheduled to be torn down very soon.)

      If you want amazing family pictures while you are here, look up RAB Photography. She is a gifted photographer known for capturing the fun of family vacations:-) 910-330-0703

      Tired of burgers and seafood? Visit this unique dinner spot: Lotus a Thai Grille. The name speaks for itself. Great drinks from the full service bar, unique wing flavored fried to crispy perfection and specials that change nightly and are always crowd pleasers. I highly recommend the Coconut Chicken!

      If you want adventurous sushi rolls and sashimi with a cool vibe, ask for directions to SushiX!

      Country buffet more your style? Head over that high rise bridge again and look up a place called Madison's. Everything from all you can eat crab legs to huge, bone-in pork chops and fried chicken. After dinner, you can stuff yourself silly with homemade banana pudding, strawberry shortcake, chocolate cram pie or gooey chocolate chip cookies:)

      Rainy day fun?? How about a HUGE indoor trampoline park!? Defy Gravity is a 20 minute drive that will wear out every single member of your family. It's a unique day of fun the will literally leave you breathless!:-) Laser tag at June Rapids also makes for clean famy fun when you have a big group!

      You see? We have lots of great accommodations:-) you just have to know where to look!

      Make sure you inquire about the festivals, concerts, outdoor movies, and points of interest for Onslow, Pender and New Hanover counties. You can be in all if these counties under 20 minutes and it would be good go have a few back up plans for rainy days/afternoons.

      Safe travels and Happy Vacationing!

      1. It is a lovely area. Spent a vacation week there 20 years ago. Can be super humid, of course.

        1. Beachbabymama, thanks for the detailed post. Do you know if any of the family-friendly, mid-range restaurants use any local seafood? We're stopping for just one night/day to visit the sea turtle hospital on our way to meet up with vegetarian friends elsewhere, so would love to get our seafood fix at Surf City/Topsail. If we can't swing local seafood a view would be nice, but both would be best. Do you know if Daddy Mac's or Sears Landing have any fresh catch? Any other recommendations?

          1. You can find great seafood at Riverview Cafe in Sneads Ferry