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Aug 27, 2010 03:21 PM

Bread Machine Soft Pretzel Help

Hi Everyone,

I have a good recipe for soft pretzels out of _The Bread Machine Cookbook_. They are great, but last time I made some, I tried to take them to a friend of mine and after they were in a container overnight, the salt seemed to "melt" and the tops of the pretzels were all wrinkly. They were not awesome.

My plan is to make some tonight and bring them to a party/picnic tomorrow. I don't want them to get stale, but I don't want them to get all puckery! How should I "pack them up" tonight and still have them be yummy and edible tomorrow?

Also, I stopped eating fake crap, but I love cheese dip with soft pretzels. Is there a solution? Some kind of cheesy sauce that will stay melty but isn't Cheez-Whiz(tm) or some nonsense? If not, I'll bring several mustards, but I thought I'd ask.

Thanks for your time!

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  1. This is too late to help with your picnic request, but it seems there was too much moisture in the container; i.e. that it was airtight. Store the pretzels in a paper bag, rolled shut. They will lose some moisture but not too much. Pretzels are hard to keep fresh when they are day-old. To refresh them, I often spritz them very lightly with water and reheat them then at 350 degrees for about 4 minutes. Helps to bring back some of the crispness.

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      Hi, I know I'm replying late, but thanks! I will try that next time! :)

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        Could you share the recipe? I'd like to try some soft pretzels in my bread machine. The ones they sell in the mall shops just don't cut it. My idea of a good salted pretzel does not involve slathering a nekkid pretzel with butter and trying to get the salt to stick after the fact.