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Beefsteak tomatoes

Does anyone know where to get really-good, vine-ripened beefsteak tomatoes in the GTA? Even at the most expensive greengrocers, I can only find mealy, unripened field tomatoes that come in through the Ontario Food Terminal. I am looking for the real deal.

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  1. I bought some at the beginning of the week at Brunos Avenue South of Lawrence.
    I was suspicious because they were too nice a shape, but when we bit into them they had that wonderful sweet and tart tang that only the Beefsteak has.

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      sorry correction.
      I meant South of Wilson.

    2. Sherway Farmers' Market on Fridays. Very reasonably priced.

      1. There are some great farms up in Markham: (1) Forsythe Farms (Kennedy and Major mackenzie) and (2) 19th Avenue market at Woodbine and 19th Avenue. The have fantastic tomatoes and a ton of other fresh produce.

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          I will be in the area this week.
          Are they Beefsteak?

        2. They've become hard to find. Many people don't like the look of a big field tomato. Growers prefer the higher yield(and profits)that hothouse types deliver. Good as they are, field beefstakes suffer from the vagaries of weather just like backyard tomatoes--some years suck.

          1. I take a drive to Maple and buy from the farms -- that's the best place! Loblaws has some farmer fresh tomatoes (sometimes beefsteak) but they're nothing compared to the fresh-picked off the farms! Try the corn too!

            1. Bumping this, as I found large juicy beefsteak tomatoes at the Wednesday farmers market, University of Torornto-Scarborough parking lot, on Ellesmere. (free parking). It is there Wed. 3-7PM; a small uncrowded market, with only two or three real farm stands, but one had superb large beefsteaks, 3 for $5.

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                Must be an early variety. Heard they were about 2 weeks from someone in Leamington.

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                  I'll ask next Wed. The student selling them didn't really have a farm boy look!

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                    I buy from one of the few growers who bothers to trundle stuff up from Leamington to Mississauga. She said they were going to be late this year. She brings those luscious old-school field tomatoes but claims they're slow sellers since they're often not pretty enough for most buyers!

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                      I bought two old school tomatoes at the U. of T. Scarboro market today. One was Brandywine, the other, I didn't recognize. The sticker shock was $5/lb or $7.50 for my two, while the other vendor has 3 blemish free beefsteaks for $4.
                      As I mentioned above, the lower cost beefsteaks tasted true to form, even if they were brought in from Windsor or Ohio. These blemished tomatoes I got today will have to be exceptional.
                      Really, it is price, not blemishes, that kills these small organic market farms.