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Aug 27, 2010 01:54 PM

Gas barbecue for small family

We have a small patio, and wish to purchase a smallish, high quality gas barbecue on a moveable cart which can hold the gas tank. We generally cook for two and may occasionally cook for four, but never more. We have looked at Weber, Char Broil, Ducane, etc. and are wondering if anyone has any strong preference. Getting a good sear on steaks, and easy cleanup are both important.

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  1. Weber I think still makes a 2 burner which is smallish Ducane I don't know. I see too many Char Broils at the curb to consider one. My 3 burner Weber has lasted for 12 years now and all I've ever replaced are the flavor bars (once) and the cook top (twice). Oh and the gas line too after a squirell ate through it. Now I have one of those spring covers over the line.

    1. Weber. And please, it's a "grill", not a "barbecue".

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          Yeah, I know. But ignorance and abuse of the language are, of course, widespread.

      1. In the 80's jfood would throw out his Charbroil after 2 years; first weber lasted ~15 years.

        jfood moved and bought another weber genesis 3-burner in 1997. As he types he is still looking at it on the terrace. Now for full disclosure he has replaced the starter once, the grates twice and the flavorizing bars once. He also uses it 200+ nights a year even in rain and snow.

        1. Consumer Reports rated gas grills earlier this year. Top rated medium size grill was the Weber 320 (310 if you don't need a side burner). They also highly rated other less expensive grills. However when I read all of the user reviews on the CU website -- probably over 200 reviews total of all of the high ranked grills, I found that only the Webers seemed a) to last for a long time, b) continued to have parts available virtually forever (unlike the Uniflame I had bought at Walmart and had the grates rust out), c) have good customer service, and according to their owners, provide consistent heat both in the high and low range.

          Just after my posting above I did go ahead and actually buy the Weber Genesis EP-320, the one with the stainless steel cooking grates and flavorizor bars, plus the side burner. I bought it from the local ACE dealer becasue a) they sell a lot of them, b) the assemble them and deliver for no charge, and c) it's a family business and they're there to help if there are any problems. Point of information, get a color as opposed to black; they all start out black and then the colors are sprayed over the black making for a heavier porcelain coating.

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            You're suggesting that the color impacts cooking significantly?

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              Perhaps at the .05 level. Durability of finish -- .01 level.

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                I'd suspect it should probably be an aesthetic decision, then.

          2. Weber Genesis in stainless with or without a side burner is definitely the way to go.