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Aug 27, 2010 01:13 PM

Kanella- Brunch or Dinner?

I have a gift certificate to Kanella and I have never been. I've heard that their brunch is very good. I'm torn between going for brunch or dinner. Has anyone been for either or both?

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  1. Both are fantastic, I'd just look at both menus and decide which one appeals to you more.

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    1. re: Buckethead

      i agree - both are amazing. i'd lean towards dinner, but there are some spectacular brunch items on the menu too...

    2. Agreed - brunch is actually relatively cheap, whereas dinner prices are on par with many of the other acclaimed BYOs in town so, depending on how much your GC is for, that may make a difference.
      Regardless, both are fantastic. I just moved from Philly, and there is no restaurant that I miss more than Kanella.

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      1. re: jaba

        The GC is for $50. I am so torn because I love brunch and dinner for such different reasons. What are some of your favorite dishes on either menu?

        1. re: in bocca

          The dips of the day (on both menus) are always excellent.

          On the brunch menu: the Cypress breakfast, Shaksouka, grilled haloumi sandwich, and roast lamb sandwich are all great.

          On the dinner menu: the boureki, Cypriot tortellini, the whole fish (simply prepared, but delicious), the fish filet (usually on some amazing stew of chickpeas or beans and greens), pork chop, wild quail.

          And a particular note for the Suckling pig, which is a newer addition and is pretty amazing.