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Aug 27, 2010 11:56 AM

Help with shredded chicken in slow cooker

Hi…My mom and sister are coming in from out of town, and I am cooking a very casual dinner for them and my in-laws. I’m taking my little niece and nephew to the zoo during the day and have some things I plan to cook when I get back that shouldn’t take too long. I was wondering if I might be able to make some shredded chicken in my slow cooker while I’m at the zoo.

I was thinking of maybe soft corn tacos with shredded lime chicken. Does anyone have a shredded chicken recipe for a slow cooker…lime chicken or any other flavor you think might go be good for some soft corn tacos. I am not a very experienced cook, so if it is too complicated, I wouldn’t put it past me to make a disaster of it. Thanks for any suggestions you might have!

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  1. I would suggest cooking a whole chicken in a slow cooker and shredding before using.

    If you pre-shred the chicken (that's the impression I get from your question) I think the chicken will be kind of dry and stringy.

    An alternative, is to have everything prepared in the fridge - raw chicken cut into strips and some onions. Saute and add half a package (to taste) of taco seasoning. That should only take 15 minutes to cook the raw chicken.

    1. dave_c's right - if you pre-shred it'll like dry out. I'd suggest chicken thighs - in the slow cooker they'll cook whole and you can don gloves and pull off the skin and bones. The thigh meat is moister and not so susceptible to drying out. Wash the thighs, put in enough chicken broth to cover, add a bay leaf and a couple of peeled garlic cloves, and the juice of a lime or two. When you're back, remove the thighs and strain the broth - it'll be pretty tasty now. With gloves (I use surgical ones you can buy online), or barehanded if you want to be that way, gently remove the skin, fat, and bones, and the thighs should easily shred. Thick a little of the limey stock with a bit of sour cream, salt and pepper to taste, garnish your tacos with chopped cabbage or lettuce, onion, black onion, salsa, cheese, whatever makes you happy in a taco. Let the eaters garnish - people like playing with their food and everyone can have it just the way they like it. PS another way to go is the same ingredients in a pressure cooker, let it rock for about 20 minutes.

      1. I'll definitely do the shredding after the chicken is done and the process looks easy to follow...thanks so much for your help!

        1. I know you said chicken, but any thought of doing pulled pork? Easy to do in the slow cooker and you could do a coleslaw the day before as well as some baked beans. Reheat the beans while you pull the pork and you have instant dinner. Just a thought ;-)

          1. you can make the easiest recipe as well. salsa chicken. you get a few thighs or breasts and a jar of salsa and dump it in the slow cooker. cook on low for 6-8 hrs then voila! you can shred the chicken after it's cooked. you can also add canned black beans and a juice of a lime. for my young guy i add in a sweet potato to make it a sweet stew. very easy.

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              I do a very similar chicken recipe. 6-8 thighs or breasts or a mixture of both in the crockpot with a bottle of mexican beer, some lime juice, chopped green chilies and taco seasoning. Cook on low for 5-6 hours. When done, remove and shred. It makes great chicken tacos or can be used in enchiladas etc.

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                sounds great! beer and chicken always makes good food.

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                  I'm going to add salsa next time. I don't know why I never thought of that but it's perfect!

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                  Hi...thanks everyone for your help! I did end up going with the thighs cooked in a mixture of beer, lime juice, salsa and taco seasoning. Everyone liked them a lot. I was really relieved that the chicken wasn't too dry, so i think the thighs + shredding afterward really helped. Thanks again!