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Aug 27, 2010 09:57 AM

vegans coming to Acadia

my boyfriend, our 1.5yr old and I are very excited to be making the trip from Brooklyn to Acadia in late September. We're all vegans, so no seafood for us, and we don't always like to eat in restaurants with our little one, so we're staying in a cabin where we can cook most of our own stuff. But I'm curious about any veg-friendly recommendations for stuff like lunches when we're out and about, or any places that may have vegan ice creams or desserts. Best stores/markets for buying veg and fruit and staples like tofu maybe?

Also, recommendations for anywhere to stop on our way up or down would be appreciated(we are aware of a few places in Portand. And there was a veg restaurant in Bar Harbor that appears to be on hiatus for the past 2 seasons?) thanks!

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  1. In Bar Harbor, Cafe This Way has several veg entrees (breakfast and dinner, no lunch ). They are accommodating for swaps or changes to the menu. There is also Siam Orchid, a Thai restaurant , that has vegetarian items that would likely be vegan. I would not say it's the best Thai food, but it is ok and inexpensive.

    A&B Naturals for tofu, non-dairy ice creams (not sure they are vegan), and other items and assorted organic produce. MDI Ice Cream has various sorbets which are creative and delicious.

    Cafe This Way
    14 Mount Desert St, Bar Harbor, ME 04609

    1. Stop at The Green Elephant in Portland (at least for lunch - it should be OK at that time even with the little one). I am a die hard meat eater and don't really understand the whole vegan thing but if meat were to disappear from the planet, I would eat every meal here (all vegetarian, mostly vegan). The food is simply great and what I really like is that they don't try to make vegetarian dishes taste like meat dishes - I never could understand fake bacon or beef, etc. If you're a vegetarian, then eat vegetables. Anyway, this place is great and well worth a stop if the timing is right for you.

      1. You might want to call College of the Atlantic and see if its Take a Break Cafe is open to visitors:

        COA also runs organic Beech Hill Farm, where you can buy fresh produce and other goodies:

        1. Tamarind, new restaurant in the site of the old Alternative Market. Very casual, order at the counter place; has vegie and vegan choices. Had a cream of edamame soup today--vegan, made wtih coconut milk--came with toasted bread. Excellent. You might also try the newish Seawall Cafe, out by Seawall section of the park. Community soup kitchen effort. Tried to go today, but closed on Monday. Hearing good things about it, though.