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Aug 27, 2010 09:21 AM

Zen Dog: Rhinebeck

Has anyone tried newly opened Zen Dog in Rhinebeck? Cafe, music, art, books.

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    1. I have to agree, very disappointing. They've been open 2 months and had 2 managers already. Fixed up very expensively, and comfortable, but food bad, and overpriced. And some really strange waitresses who do not know what they are doing.

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        1. We had dinner here a couple of weeks ago. Not that great. The renovation seems a tad gimmicky - electric car rechargers out back - albeit expensively done. The food was eh. "Gourmet pizza" was thick, doughy with what tasted like marinara from a jar as the pizza sauce. The antipasti plate (pasta, cheeses and pickles) was OK. Hubby had the lamb tagine and pronounced it inauthentic. I'm surprised that the owner, who has plowed $$$$ into this place, didn't take as much care with the kitchen as he did with the expensive renovation.

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            1. I am definitely not disgruntled staff, just a digruntled customer. The place is expensively appointed and the seats and sofas very comfortable, some of the decor attractive, but some very tacky. They opened with one lunch menu (and manager), soon dumped the menu (and manager) and upped the prices. Sandwich I had was $9 and nowhere near as good as Bread Alone's (which are slightly cheaper), the pizza I had was nowhere good as the skizza at Gigi's (which is slightly more). The pate was good but fairly unexciting bread came with it, and not enough bread. One time I had red velvet cake, which was refrigerated and all dried out. The staff was nice but many did not know English all that well, and some were overly solicitous to the point of being encroaching. Perhaps the place has improved since my bad experiences, but I continue to hear negative reports, so unless I hear different ones from people I know personally, I have no intention of going back to find out. Rhinebeck has plenty of restaurants. There is another new restaurant called the Local that just opened and has local products too.

              Bread Alone
              45 E Market St, Rhinebeck, NY 12572