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Aug 27, 2010 08:56 AM


Does anyone know of a place to buy plugara in North County? Trader Joe's quit carrying this European butter. Many thanks!

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  1. Tip top meats in Carlsbad might carry it.

    1. not to quibble, but it's Plugra. I think Whole Foods has the salted - in gold wrapped half pound bricks. In case you can't find it unsalted - I've switched to the Straus organic butter at WF. The butterfat content is just as high and I like that it's organic - if it is any more expensive it's just a little bit.

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      1. re: Alice Q

        For a real treat, seek out "Organic Valley, CULTURED butter", available salted and unsalted. This has the subtle taste of the ripened cream, it is made in batches; not like "Creamery" butter that is a continuous production technique.

        1. re: ospreycove

          I was assuming the person seeking the unsalted Plugra is probably looking for it for baking, but yes - cultured butter is delicious!

      2. I saw Plugra at Albertsons in San Marcos this week, though I can't remember whether it was salted or unsalted.

        1. Interesting discussion of European vs. American butter on this blog - I thought of Plugra as I was reading through it.

          Actually, this whole site is pretty wonderful if you're a baker, but I digreess...

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            Yes, joe pastry is pretty cool! I was extremely surprised to see la plugra butter in Smart and Final in the butter case. I usually shop downtown or at midway, I'm afraid I cant remember which...

          2. Bristol Farms (UTC) has both salted and unsalted $4.29