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Aug 27, 2010 08:16 AM

donburi suggestions in Shinjuku

Hey fellow chowhounders,

I'll be heading to Tokyo for the first time in September and wondering where's the best place to get donburi in Shinjuku?

I know there's a great website that recommends donburi (
)but i can't read Japanese =(.

Thanks for the help in advance.

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  1. I don't have any specific recs, but I will look around on Japanese sites for you. What kind of donburi are you looking for? It's not a specific dish but a broad category. You want kaisen, oyako, meat, curry, something else?

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    1. re: Silverjay

      Thanks for the quick reply silverjay.

      I'm looking for oyako, katsudon, and is there a kind that's beef and egg?

      1. re: meatballs

        Just fished around now. Could only come up with 2 oyakodon options:

        Imaiya is a well-known yakitori mini chain. They probably do a good job and their main shop is in Shinjuku-

        Kekokokko came up in a Tabelog search as well-- .

        Most of the other stuff in Tabelog and ASKU were chains. Seems donburi tends to be stronger on the East side of the city.

        Restaurant floors in department stores like Takashimaya will have some generic options I'm sure.

        1. re: Silverjay

          Kokekokko is very good; they specialize in shamo, a kind of game bird.

          It seems a shame not to order their yakitori though, and they don't serve lunch.

          1. re: Robb S

            thanks guys. I'll probably check out one of those places and let you guys know how they are once i come back.