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Aug 27, 2010 07:48 AM

Dosas in Philly?

Does anyone have a suggestion for where we can get dosas in the Philly area? (A dosa is that fabulous S. Indian pancake thing, often stuffed with potatoes and served with coconut chutney and sambhar.) Thanks in advance!

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  1. Dosa Hut on Ridge Pk in Trooper

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      Uduppi Dosa House Bensalem.

      Thulasi in Bensalem.

      Devi Exton

      Indian Hut in Bensalem

      Indian Kitchen in Exton.

      Hot Breads in Montgomeryville PA

    2. If you are in Center City, Spice (in the food court at Liberty Place) has them.

      1. They do a nice job with dosas at Aman's in East Norriton.
        There was a South Indian vegetarian and sweets restaurant off Adams Avenue in the northeast that I havent been to in years called Rajbhog. I dont know if it is still there.

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          ^ rhymes with rabidog! :)

          So I'll admit, I was biking home from a party last night a little tipsy when I rolled past Makkah Market and made a u-turn to see if they had any tasty morsels I could devour upon returning home. Makkah is a Middle Eastern Market around ?43rd? and Walnut. They are open 24 hours, though I found the selection a bit limited at 4am. Still, I had a VERY tasty thing that was not exactly Indian but looked and tasted EXACTLY like a paneer dosa.

          I have not been in over a year, but there used to be a South Indian place in the Chesterbrook Shopping Center in Wayne that had good dosas.

          WHY are there more Indian joints (and more quality joints) in the suburbs than the city?! Before Tiffin, do you remember how limited the offerings were? :( This makes me sad. It is my favorite cuisine, tied with Thai food (and I won't even get started about the dismal Thai offerings here...)

        2. NEW PLACE!!!!! The Philadelpha Chutney Company, 1628 Samsom, where a tea store use to live. On line menu looks chock full o' dosas.

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            yay! yay! i just walked by that place yesterday on my way to the oyster house, and had i not been craving oysters i may have stopped in. but i DID remember this thread, and i'm glad it's been posted! it's allll south indian-inspired stuff, with some mock meats on the menu. i cannot wait to try them!!!

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              Stopped in to grab a take-out dinner last night - I have to say, I'm very excited about this place. They have some really nice options for a light lunch with a lot of flavor - I love Indian flavors, but most of my traditionally favorite Northern dishes are incredibly heavy.

              Based solely on the one Dosa I got (I believe it was a #10) and the fact that it's like 3 blocks from my work, this will be a frequent lunch favorite.

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                Thanks for the tip on the Phila. Chutney Company. We went this Saturday and were bowled away. The dosas are excellent-- wafer thin without that greasy after-feel that many lesser dosas have. I'd say that the dosa itself is as good as I've had in Madras (Chennai) at the fabled Swagat on Fergusson College Road.

                I should add that I had the Masala Dosa-- a classic with the "masala" being the potato stuffing on the inside. It was delicious-- pitch perfect in every regard. My husband ordered one of the "fusion" dosas with chicken and spinach and it was disappointing bec. in my view dosas don't quite lend themselves (at least in our palate) to fusion flavors, given the strong flavors of the rice/urad fermented batter from which they're made. But it may simply be my own mind that's messing with my palate. Certainly these dosas are far superior to those that are churned out at the national Udupi chains.

                We also ordered some idlis and they were warm, fresh, and very decent. In each order, you get to choose your chutney, and the coconut, cilantro, and tomato chutneys are flavorful, fresh, and very satisfying.

                What's a bit baffling is that that none of the orders come with sambhar. That's is like serving burgers without ketchup. Unthinkable. I hope the restaurant will rectify the situation quickly. It's a noticeable weak spot in their offerings and keeps me from giving them a 5-star rating.

                The food is inexpensive (dosas from $5 plain to $8 stuffed; idlis $3.50 for 3), fresh, and very satisfying. The restaurant itself has a nice ambience with lovely copper tables that remind me of those at Cafe Milano on College and Ashby in Berkeley. The seating is a bit cramped. The staff is wonderfully friendly and the garrulous owner (a Singaporan of Indian descent) a total delight.

                I'm a fan and will certainly go back again and again. And next time, I'm going to try the uttapam (thicker pancakes, made with the same dosa batter) with smoked paneer.

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                  Wow. What a great review! Thanks, FD! I am going there for lunch on Wednesday with a friend. I'll keep your comment about the fusion dosas in mind and start with one of the more traditional ones for my first visit. The idlis sound good. Any other side you might recommend to share?

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                    Thanks for your warm note, PattiCakes! The mango lassi was spectacular though on the thicker side; and I'd definitely give the vadas (dal fritters) a try. Someone was having them at the table next to us and they smelled yummy. Enjoy!

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                      Sounds like we might need a third peson to go just so that we can get more sides to share! I'm always a sucker for a mango lassi.

              2. I have been to this place which is located on Bustleton Avenue in the Somerton section of Northeast Philly. The food is really, really good.