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Aug 27, 2010 06:54 AM

EJ's pizzeria in Skokie

Has anyone heard about this place? They will be opening (supposedly) right next door to the new Rosenbloom's bookstore location on Gross Point Road and Church Street in Skokie.

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  1. They are now not scheduled to open until November or December.

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. we got pizza takeout and zucchini soup for lunch today. Fantastic. Might be the best kosher pizza I ever had. Certainly the best in Chicago. I'm glad they'll be open motzei shabbos. And I'm having a lunch date there tomorrow!

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          Sounds delicious, I can't wait to go. I'll have to list them on

        2. Well I have made my second trip to EJ's and they continue to impress - I went on their opening day and things were a bit hectic but the food was outstanding - I had a slice of pizza and the onion soup to go both were excellent. Today I brought the family in for lunch - very busy which was nice to see. Tried two of their other soups - the potato zuchini and butternut squash - The Potato-Zuchini by far was the better soup - nicely flavored and seasoned. The Butternut Squash soup was just ok -did not really have a string squash flavor

          For mains - I had the veggie calzone and my wife has the veggie lasagna - both were excellent though the lasagna slice could have been larger - rounding out the mains were the macaroni and cheese also very good - could have used some hot sauce for my taste but my daughter enjoyed it and a slice of pizza which continues to be excellent.

          The functioning of the restaurant also has gotten better - when we walked in it was a balagan and I was worried on how the ordering would go - but we got into line and our order was taken promptly and we received out food with 5-10 minutes

          Definitely will be going back -

          1. EJ's is amazing! I've been twice over the last few weeks, and in that short span, the service improved dramatically. The food was amazing both times, although my second visit, this time with a number of coworkers who don't keep kosher, was particularly good. They raved about the food - fresh, served attractively, good portion sizes, well-seasoned, interesting selection - and all are scheming to find a time to hold a "meeting" there ASAP. The staff is friendly, flexible and fast, prices are reasonable, and the restaurant feels and looks clean and attractive. Bad points - too noisy, tables kind of close together, terrible parking situation. Nevertheless, I highly recommend EJ's, and I wish them much hatzlacha.