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Aug 27, 2010 04:41 AM

Pickapeppa Sauce - where to find in Mtl?

Anybody know where one can find Pickapeppa Sauce from Jamaica here in Montreal? Particularly the Western end or West Island? I know there's a store in the Atwater market that sells the stuff, but I was wondering if it's available in any other ethnic grocers or chain supermarket branches, at lower than the premium boutique price.

BTW - if you like HP or A1, this is superior. Much more mellow.

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  1. Doesn't Super C have this sauce in their "international aisle"?

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    1. re: porker

      Checked the international aisle of my local Super C and while they carry some eclectic stuff - no Pickapeppa. Sigh. I may have to check out other Super C outlets, or make the trek to the Atwater market, which I was hoping to avoid.

      1. re: Haggisboy

        I admit I've never tried the sauce, but that label sure jumps out at you when you DO see it. Theres a few Caribbean and Indian grocers in LaSalle who, I assume carry it (I'll check next time around).
        Although primarily Greek, Adonis at the Cotes-Vertu mall has alot of other ethnic stuff, maybe give them a try?

    2. I've bought Pickapeppa at the Walmart in La Salle.

      1. I just bought some at the Douceurs du Marché (aka "The wall of hot sauce across from the wall of olive oil") at the Atwater market.

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        1. re: Brucemtl

          Hey, we just might have crossed paths, not to mention the shop owner must be wondering why he's suddenly had such a run on the Pickapeppa today.

          I gave up after visiting two Walmarts and three Super C's. Without being tipped off that it was in stock (which I was hoping would happen here), I just wasn't about to invest the time in visiting a bunch of small ethnic groceries in the "hope" that they'd have it in stock. So in the end I just sucked it up and went to the Douceurs du Marche. I'm quite pleased, however, to find that not only are they charging a fairly reasonable price ($2.99 per bottle), but that they have the entire, newly expanded Pickapeppa line which includes a bonafide hot sauce, and two different mango-based chutneys.

          1. re: Haggisboy

            Updating an old thread, I've been informed that for those living on the West Island, Marche Kim Hoa, located at 4843 Boul. Des Sources, now stocks Pickapeppa.

            1. re: Haggisboy

              It's also available at Marche Colonnade - 4850 Rene Emard in Pierrefonds. The store has a wide range of spices and sauces and various foods from all the Islands in the Carribean..

              1. re: Deirdre1

                Thank you. As a west islander, I appreciate the tip.

                1. re: Haggisboy

                  Glad I could help. When I went to Marche Kim Hoa they were out of the Pickapepper (it is on back order) but Marche Colonnade had a lot of it on the shelves.They charge $2.79 for a 5 ounce bottle.

        2. Marche Shavitz on Victoria just north of Van Horne has it.

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          1. re: finefoodie55

            A few months ago one of the shops near the cheese shop on the east side of the Jean Talon market had it.

            1. re: Frids

              That would be La Dépense. They carry several -- classic sauce, hot sauce, two chutneys.