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Aug 27, 2010 04:41 AM

Groupon Coupon for Cichetteria 19

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  1. The same deal (and more) are available on for Cichetteria 19, and you can save 80% right now (making it $2 instead of $10) by using the Promo Code: CLEARANCE.

    I didn't love the food. BUT, if you want the deal, at least spend $2 on it instead of $10.

    I am also slightly worried that they are really struggling given all the coupons out there for them.

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    1. re: urbanfabric

      It isn't exactly the same coupon. The coupon has a $35 minimum and you can't use it during restaurant week. You can't use the coupon toward alcohol. There is no minimum purchase with the Groupon coupon, you can use it at any time, and you can use it toward alcohol.

      1. re: JanR

        And the most important difference is that you can't use the coupon on Friday and Saturday nights.

        1. re: JanR

          Well, you can't use the groupon with "other offers," which could be restaurant week. good points, though, always look at the fine print and it's worth it to call and ask if you are concerned.

      2. re: urbanfabric

        Thanks for the heads up...I picked up a coupon today and will hopefully be using it Sunday night! I enjoyed C19 in the past and this is extra incentive to revisit.

      3. So the sweetie and I went Sunday with our coupon in hand. It was good but not sure I was as wowed as I was on my first visit for a number of reasons.

        For one, the pizza oven was out of commission. Now, I make my own pizza at home a lot, so not a huge deal, but I actually had been intending to try one of their pies. No sweat, will try something else...except they're out of the Sarde en Soar which I really wanted to sample as well as that's one of the most traditionally Venetian dishes on their menu. It seems Sunday is not a good night to hit this place as they were out of a lot of things on the menu and blamed it on being arancini either, boo. How hard are fried rice balls?

        That said, we still did the 5 cichetti for $19 which is still a great deal for sampling small favorite was the roasted shrimp with caper berries, extremely flavorable. They really are just 2-3 bite dishes (save the fried calamari which is a little more generous and very good), so the 5/19 deal is really the best way to go...makes for a great shared appetizer.

        I ended up trying their burger for a main since they didn't have the sardines, and it was certainly a different presentation, tasty but a little dry without any tomato-based sauce to go with it (I felt too awkard to ask for ketchup for that or the truffle fries, as much as I was pining for it.) Loved the super-fresh egg bread it was served on, though, even if not at all Venetian. My SO's steak was extremely tasty and perfectly prepared.

        Dessert options were quite limited as well, but we ended up sharing an awesome Chocolate Fondue which took some time to arrive but was worth the wait. With the coupon, all this plus a very pleasant bottle of Sicilian white was about $80 before tip. Not bad, but I do wonder if they're struggling with so many items listed on the menu not available that I'd been anticipating trying. I really would love more Venetian-style food to be available in the area, but there wasn't as much as I was hoping for here that truly seemed to relate directly to that cuisine. Our first experience there back in the winter was much more authentic and delightful.