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Why no Sonics in the DC/Baltimore metro area?

Does anyone have the answer?

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  1. One just opened August 13th.
    8212 Liberty Road, Baltimore, MD


    1. Also one in Fredericksburg, and possibly in Elkton. If you're going to Liberty Road, you'll do much better at the Up in Smoke bbq truck in the adjacent Shoppers parking lot

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        Believe me, I'm not going to Sonic for BBQ. I've given up trying to find good Q in this neck of the woods anyway. May have to try that truck you recommend though . . . hope springs eternal!

        Fredericksburg is way too far south! We need a few Sonics around here. I'll have to check out the one in Elkton, thanks monku and nickdanger!

      2. You're not missing anything, beleive me!

        1. There are a couple in Winchester. Of course, you'd have to want to be in Winchester in the first place...

          1. There's one south of Annapolis in Edgewater. Opened about a year ago.
            I get a fix there from time to time. Reminds me of my days in the deep south in the Army.

            1. Its a franchise.. you have to sell a franchise and then find a place that will work for the Sonic concept which is different than a McDonalds or Taco Hell.

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                This. Same reason there are no White Castles around DC. There are a few Krystals in southwest Virginia but nothing closer than Bristol.

              2. It could be that people are afraid of Sonic booms.

                1. I think there are too many wieners in DC currently to support the need for any more.

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                    Actually, I believe NYC is the place when it comes to wieners.

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                      Well they have one big one for sure!

                  2. I would think you would be looking for a Whataburger long before Sonic ....

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                    1. The better question is why do they constantly air Sonic commercials in the area when there isn't one? Huge tease! I enjoy Sonic from time to time when I'm on the road and find one, but I'm almost positive it would lose 50% of its appeal for me if I had one close by to my house.

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                        Between the two in my neighborhood I drive by one virtually every day and it has lost 100% of it's appeal. The last time I went it was 2 years ago on a gift card and it was horrible. I'll take Whataburger, see above, any day and even Dairy Queen.

                      2. My guess is too much crime in the area.

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                          Actually, crime in and around DC is at a thirty-year low. Unless you're talking about white collar crime and even then, those criminals usually don't eat at Sonic.