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Aug 26, 2010 08:21 PM

Between Albany and Middlebury, VT?

I'm driving from NYC to Middlebury, Vermont and need a place to stop for dinner somewhere between Albany and Middlebury. Any thoughts? Nothing expensive just good food I won't regret eating would be great.


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  1. Have you already gone? In Glens Falls I'd say Massie's (old school italian) or Bistro Tallulah. Other than than search for Saratogs recs.

    Bistro Tallulah
    26 Ridge St, Glens Falls, NY 12801

    1. Just off I-87 at exit 20 there are a couple of (untried by me) restaurants that look promising. If you pass through Rutland there is a steak house on Route 7 (ate there 15 years ago and survived.)
      Good luck.

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        Do you mean Sirloin Saloon? Yuck!

      2. As usual, our NYC questioners somewhat leave us "upstaters" in the dark. We could probably answer the question more intelligently if we knew: which route you were taking to make the trip. Are you coming up I-87 and making a turn somewhre? Are you coming out of NYC more to the New England side of that route, say through Connecticut or Massachusetts? Without being too snarky, which I am usually charged with, could you please realize that there is a huge piece of geography north of the Harlem River which, for you NYC types, needs to be defined somewhat more specifically?