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Aug 26, 2010 05:57 PM

Good Pizza? Montco


I'm unfortunately in search of good pizza. When we moved here from NY burbs we searched for good pizza, and finally found That's Italtian in Pottstown PA - it was the best pizza we could find that reminded us of NY pizza. Sauce wasn't sweet, cheese wasn't cheap, meatballs tasted like meatballs....sadly we tried to order today and the number was disconnected, so we drove by and it's closed.

So I'm wondering what everyone will recommended. We live around Gilbertsville PA, but will travel for good food.

Thanks for your input!

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  1. oddly enough,,,,parc bistro has a great pizza..can get it for take out....not sure how it compares to a new york pizza....
    if you want to drive further...arpeggios. from the boot and minas all have good ones as well...
    my favorite is Jules Thin Crust in Doylestown..but that is a hike..
    New place....Olce is opening soon in cedars and they are all pizza
    good luck

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    1. re: ilovesummer

      Isnt there a branch of Jules in Jenkintown?

      1. re: cwdonald

        there sure is!! right behind barnes and noble.....i am not sure it is any closer to gilbertsville than doylestown....and the shopping is so much better in doylestown :-)

        1. re: ilovesummer

          I love Jules, but it is nothing like NY pizza, so the OP should be forwarned. It really isn't pizza at all, more of a flatbread, almost crackery, with a variety of good toppings that are all fresh and organic. The "brooklyn" pizza has ricotta and good tomato sauce, but still doesn't feel like NY pizza. That said, it is delicious.

          1. re: Hungryin theBurbs

            I also come from New York and live in Montgomery Cty . I'm still searching for good pizza. I was disappointed in Jules (Jenkintown) and won't go back. Arpeggio in Spring House has respectable pizza.

            1. re: Karen K

              I agree about the pizza at Arpeggio.

              1. re: Karen K

                For the sake of us non-NYers, what is it that's so great about NY pizza?

          2. search no more - grandma's grotto in horsham (on route 611) has great pizza. i am a born and bred new yorker and this is absolutely the closest thing i can find in the area. they do a square pie that is really really great.

            the owners are from staten island, where they owned a pizza shop previously. the entrees are amazing too. plus, they have chicken rolls! mmm... chicken rolls... it's the only place in the area where i can find one of those... reminds me of high school... memories....

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            1. re: missfunkysoul

              Hey Guys thanks for the recommendations so far, I know how i'll spend part of my weekend now :)
              I am intrigued about Grandma's Grotto, since I'm originally from Staten Island - thanks!!

              1. re: AmyRF25

                I'll be interested to hear what AmyRF25 thinks of Grandma's Grotto. Not a fan of the pizza from Grandma's, so I'm still looking....

            2. Not near Gilbertsville, but in lower Montco, Frank's Pizza in Elkins Park, Bella Pizza in Wyncote, and Pizza Box in Glenside all make good pies that are in line with typical NYC pizza. Pizza Box in particular has great specialty and stuffed pies but a cheese pizza at any of these places should do the trick.

              I should note that I haven't eaten at these places in many years; I have heard recent reports from Pizza Box that are still good. The others could have gone downhill (they were never great, but always good) and I would love to hear recent reports.