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Aug 26, 2010 05:25 PM

I'm drowning in lemongrass!!

I put TWO (big mistake) lemongrass plants in my garden on a whim and lo and behold, they've both thrived. Now I have two massive bushes with no clue when/how to harvest. I can make tea and a reasonable amount of stir-fry...but what to do with the rest? Can it be prepared and preserved in some manner or, is everyone I know going to get lemongrass bouquets....

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  1. I store mine whole in the freezer. Defrost and trim as needed.

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    1. re: dbug31

      Ditto. It retains all its wonderful fragrance.

      1. re: AndrewK512

        Same. I trim the leaves off before I put them in the freezer. Last year, I made this delicious butternut squash and lemongrass soup. I think it was from Gourmet Magazine. I threw in more lemongrass then called for and it was lovely. The two flavors really go well together.

        1. re: beetlebug

          An elderly Hmong woman at our farmers market was selling lemongrass and she showed me how she kind of ties the leaves in a loop and then freezes them. She said the lemongrass lasts very well in the freezer and it sounded like she knew.

          Not sure if it's too late in our season to buy it now. I'm getting inspired to try it.

          (I'm not sure why she tied the leaves the way she did.)

    2. How about Yum Takrai (or Thai Lemongrass slaw)?

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      1. re: ipsedixit

        I also have a big bush. Lemongrass oil-- would that work? do the flavors dissolve in oil? Heat or not? I'll give it a try. I wonder about a lemongrass pesto, and what would be good to put into it. Any ideas?

        1. re: ipsedixit

          slaw? wow, i'll check that out. isn't it tough?


          it is a *salad* (not what i'd call a "slaw") --- and a delicious looking one at that!

          thanks for the tip, ipse!

        2. Lemongrass vodka? I also stuff them in chicken cavities before roasting.

          1. I've made lemongrass simple syrup.

            But I'm glad to get the freezing tip as I too have a huge amt. of it in my garden. JM's idea for lemongrass vodka sounds like a great one too. I'm going to do some investigating as to how to do that.

            1. I had a similar problem with lemon balm a few years ago. I heated honey and poured it over the clean lemon balm that was placed in pint mason jars. Made a very nice lemon flavored honey, and you can seal it if you want to, but I didn't.
              A nice gift too.